Dadi Amma Dadi Amma..Maan Jaao 18th March 2020 Written Update: Anjali lies for Dhruv’s carrier

Episode begins with Rekha agrees to send Dhruv for pooja. Dadi gives Rekha photo frame of Dhruv and Shraddha as gift and leaves from there. Casting director liked Dhruv’s pictures and says he have to see the audition of him. He asks Dhruv is single or not? Rekha throws the photo frame, Namrata tores the picture. Rekha says she didn’t thought Dadi and Shraddha will stoop this much low to trap Dhruv. Namrata says if she was in Rekha’s place she would not have agreed to send Dhruv for pooja.

Rekha says Dadi gets to know about her weakness that’s why using it against her. She says if she denied to send Dhruv then Dadi would have informed that to Anjali. She says Dadi did big mistake by messing with her. Anjali lies to casting director that Dhruv is single. Shlok says for Dhruv and Shraddha’s marriage only Anjali doing everything then why she lied about Dhruv. Anjali says she lied because it was needed for Dhruv’s carrier. She says we can’t think everytime from heart, sometimes have to think from mind too. Shlok says Anjali speaking like Rekha and says the one who can’t even tolerate single lie now easily lied to casting director. Shraddha smiles recalling her moments with Dhruv. Vikas asks her to eat something but she denies it and says she wasn’t thinking about Dhruv. Vikas says he didn’t told she was thinking about Dhruv.

Sunderlal says couples are made by god but we humans starts to question that. Vikas says he knows Shraddha loves Dhruv. Shraddha says she always wanted life partner like Vikas because he never hurts anyone but Dhruv is not like him. She says if Dhruv is not like Vikas then he is not the one for her. Dhruv says he and Shraddha totally opposite to each other. Sunderlal says he and Rekha too like that only and different kind of people only completes each other. He asks Dhruv to give chance for marriage once. Dhruv says he is not even ready to accept the marriage then why will he give chance to it. Vikas asks Shraddha to give time for Dhruv because he is immature now but soon he will become mature like him. Dhruv wants Shraddha to forget the love she have for him.

Dadi gives sweets to pradhan’s and informs them that Dhruv will attend the pooja. Namrata asks Dhruv to get ready for pooja. Dhruv says he doesn’t wants to attend the pooja and yells at her for forcing him. Namrata asks him to talk with Rekha about this.

Dhruv tells Rekha that he is not going to attend the pooja and says she only asked him to stay away from Shraddha but now asking him to do pooja with her. Rekha says she have some reason for that. Dhruv says Shraddha trapped Rekha too. He says because of Rekha now he have to do pooja with Shraddha and goes to his room. Rekha recalls Dadi’s talks. She thinks till now no one forced her to do something which she doesn’t wants to do but now Dadi forced her for Shraddha so both have to face the result of messing with her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rekha gives money to attack pradhan’s. Few people attacks pradhan’s Shraddha tries to save her family.