Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 19th February 2020 Written Update: Shlok, Anjali’s sangeet

Episode begins with Namrata tells Rekha that everyone already reached Anjali’s house for dance practice leaving her alone. Shlok’s father and Dadaji dances with each other and enjoys so much. Prabhas captures them to show it to Rekha because she didn’t able to come. Shlok’s father praises Dadaji dance, Dadaji says Dadi dances too good so Shlok’s father asks Dadi to dance with him. Namrata says everyone left Rekha alone and enjoying in Anjali’s house. Rekha says her husband and sons are so innocent that they will come back to her only. She books two flight tickets for Anjali and Shlok at haldi day. Namrata asks why they will go to Mumbai that too haldi day? Rekha says because she wants that and asks Namrata to prepare for sangeet and goes from there.


Shlok thanks Anjali for forgiving Dhruv yesterday. Anjali says they have to start their dance practice and practices on pehlapehlapyaarhai song. Other side, Dhruv and Shraddha practices on bhabhiteradevardeewana song. Dhruv says Shraddha’s expressions are not perfect like him and by imitating her expressions he makes fun of her.


Namrata asks Rekha that what is the important meeting that Shlok have to reach mumbai that too on his haldi day and why Anjali will accompany him, before marriage Dadi won’t give permission for this. Rekha says before sangeet ends the blast will happen and Dadi can’t do anything about that and goes from there. Namrata thinks what Rekha planning to do but drama will happen for sure. Shlok and Anjali continues their practice and smiles at each other. Shraddha mocks Dhruv’s expressions. Dadi dances with Shlok’s father and Prabhas gives alcohol to Dadaji without anyone’s knowledge. Dadaji asks to stop the music and says he is ready for sangeet. Rekha says everyone practicing for dance performance but she is practising to be a good mother in law. Dadi talks with God and says nowadays she is just drinking green tea because she is in diet for Anjali’s marriage and says Vikas is worried so asks god to help him.


Dhruv and Shraddha gets ready for sangeet. Vikas thanks Shlok’s parents for hosting sangeet in their house and he gets emotional because soon Anjali’s bidaai will happen. Sangeet begins with Shlok’s parents dance performance and everyone enjoys their dance performance. Anjali praises Rekha’s dance and look to Dadi for that Dadi makes face. Anjali teasingly says Dadi is jealous because she praised Rekha and hugs Dadi tightly. Dadi thinks there should be no negative intention behind Rekha’s this behavior. Rekha sees them together and thinks it won’t last for long.


Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi and Dadaji performs. While performing Dhruv falls down everyone shocks seeing that.