Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 20th February 2020 Written Update: Anjali surprises Shlok with her decision

Episode begins with Dadi and Dadaji’s performance starts. Namrata teases Dadi for the way she dances and says Dadi can never dance like Rekha. Rekha asks her to stay silent. Vikas announces that next performance by Dhruv and Shraddha. Shraddha asks did Dhruv practiced for his entry or not.

Dhruv says he long back decided to perform in this song on Shlok’s sangeet so he can’t do any mistake. Shraddha mockingly says he can get gold medal for overconfidence. Their performance begins and everyone enjoys lot. While dancing Dhruv gets injured doctor says just a muscle sprain but still he have to take rest. Dhruv asks he can dance on Shlok’s marriage or not?

Doctor says Dhruv can but he should not do any stunts again. Shraddha laughs hearing that and mocks Dhruv. Anjali praises Dhruv for doing the stunt by himself. Dhruv apologize to Anjali and Shlok because of him they didn’t able to perform. Anjali says he saved them from embarrassment because Shlok can’t dance. Everyone laughs at that.

Prabhas gets call from someone and after attending the call he says he wants to talk with Shlok and Anjali and takes them with him and says the foreign clients agreed for the meeting which Shlok was waiting from so long. He says they wanted the meeting tomorrow but he will convince them for later like after marriage because it’s big opportunity for Shlok to expand his business in international level.

Shlok says still he didn’t even planned for his honeymoon and says he gonna enjoy at least one month after marriage. Prabhas says clients won’t wait that much so Shlok says he can’t attend the meeting and asks Prabhas to attend. Prabhas advices Shlok to understand his responsibilities especially when he is not alone. Shlok says it’s his sangeet and work can wait and goes from there.

Rekha comes there and says still Shlok not changing and says she will attend the meeting like always. Anjali hears that and says she wants to talk with Rekha so Prabhas goes from there leaving them alone. Rekha says Shlok is very good person that he gets sad in others sadness but he never thinks from mind always just heart that’s why many uses him for their own benefits. She says she thought Shlok will understand his responsibilities after marriage but she is wrong and asks Anjali to make him understand because she fully trusts Anjali. Rekha thinks she will change Anjali fully the way she wants.

Anjali recalls Rekha’s talks and calls Shlok. She asks will he go to mumbai meeting for her? Shlok says marriage happens just once so he doesn’t wants to miss any moments and nothing is more important for him. Anjali says if he go by flight then he can come back on time. Shlok says he can’t go on haldi day leaving her alone so she says she too will accompany him. Shlok happily agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rekha says till now everything happened according to Dadi’s wish then why not marriage can happen according to her wish. Dadi says she wants Anjali to feel her traditional values on her marriage day. Rekha says Anjali doesn’t give importance to Dadi’s traditional values that’s why she left for mumbai. Dadi shocks hearing that.