Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 21st February 2020 Written Update: Shlok, Anjali’s haldi ceremony

Episode begins with Anjali hires servants to help Dadi for household works. Dadi tells Anjali that she don’t need anyone and after Anjali’s marriage too she will handle like she used to handle everything and asks servants to leave from her house.

Servants too leaves after taunting Dadi that they won’t like to work in her house. Dadi says after haldi Anjali should not go outside. Anjali gets nervous, seeing her Shraddha teasingly says Anjali is sad because she can’t meet Shlok after haldi. Anjali goes to her room and thinks She told Shlok that she will accompany him but how can she go without telling Dadi.

Rekha calls Anjali and thanks her for her decision and says because of her only Shlok agreed to go to mumbai. Anjali tries to tell about haldi but Rekha interrupts her and asks her take rest because tomorrow is her haldi. Anjali decides to tell Dadi the importance of Shlok’s meeting and thinks Dadi will understand her point.

Anjali’s haldi ceremony begins in her house. Dadaji gets emotional thinking Anjali gonna leave them soon and cries. Shraddha consoles him. In Shlok house, his haldi ceremony happens. Shlok asks Rekha to dance with him. Anjali gets after getting Dadaji’s blessings.

Shraddha takes selfie with her family. Anjali thinks after 2hours her flight and how she will inform this to Dadi. Anjali tries to tell Dadi about her flight but Dadi is busy with preparations so doesn’t let Anjali to say anything. All leaves for temple except Anjali. Dadi again tells Anjali that she should not leave the house.

Anjali recalls Dadi and Rekha’s talks and leaves from backside door so no one sees her. Rekha happily dances with her family thinking her victory against Dadi. Anjali says she doesn’t wants to hurt her family but now Shlok too important for her and to support him she have to reach mumbai. Shlok and Anjali reaches mumbai. Prabhas follows them without their knowledge.

In indore, Shlok family and Anjali’s family talks about marriage rituals in temple. Rekha gets video call from Prabhas and she gets happy knowing Anjali is in mumbai with Shlok. She says it’s just a beginning soon Anjali have to break every relation with her family.

Episode ends.

Precap – Precap – Rekha says till now everything happened according to Dadi’s wish then why not marriage can happen according to her wish. Dadi says she wants Anjali to feel her traditional values on her marriage day. Rekha says Anjali doesn’t give importance to Dadi’s traditional values that’s why she left for mumbai. Dadi shocks hearing that.