Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 24th February 2020 Written Update: Anjali helps Shlok

Episode begins with Shlok does rehearsal for his meeting and Anjali helps him. He gets nervous thinking about the meeting because it’s his first solo meeting till now Rekha accompanied him always. Anjali advices him to be confident in the meeting and they goes for the meeting.

Client says Shlok company doesn’t have any experience to handle big events so asks why he should give the deal to Shlok’s company? Shlok hesitates to reply and fails to impress the client. Prabhas shows the live telecast of meeting to Rekha. Namrata asks why Dhruv came to temple when doctor adviced him to take rest then only he can enjoy in Shlok’s marriage.

Dhruv says he came to handle Shraddha because she pokes nose lot in marriage talks. On the other side, Anjali helps Shlok in meeting and explains why client should give the deal to them. Client gets impressed with her points and gives the event deal to Shlok’s company. Prabhas and Rekha gets happy seeing that and Rekha thinks she did right by choosing Anjali for Shlok now just have to separate Anjali from her family totally.


Vikas asks Shraddha and Dhruv to stand in bride and groom’s place so it will be easy for him to explain the marriage rituals. Both agrees with Vikas without their interest and follows his instructions. Vikas cries thinking his daughters will leave his house after their marriage while explaining the ritual.

Shlok’s father consoles him. Namrata says Vikas just talking about his traditional marriage rituals and no one talking about their traditions and says it’s not just Anjali’s marriage Shlok too getting married so it’s wrong they are talking about just bride’s side marriage rituals. Shlok’s father says Anjali is still Vikas’s daughter and Vikas have full rights to do marriage according to his rituals so they can’t take his rights from him. And he says the marriage will happen in the way Vikas wants.


Rekha comes there and says how can Shlok’s father decide alone about Shlok’s marriage and asks him to stay silent. She says marriage will happen according to her traditional way only and she already arranged everything for that she goes to Dadi and asks why she is silent when every other ceremonies happened according to Dadi’s traditional way then why can’t marriage happen according to Rekha’s wish. She says it’s Shlok marriage too and Anjali too will follow their traditions only after marriage and says Vikas family treating them as like other guests and says it’s Namrata’s responsibility to look after the marriage preparations.


Episode ends.


Precap – Dadi welcomes Shlok on marriage day. Vikas and Dadi shocks seeing sindoor on Shraddha’s forehead. Rekha says when she doesn’t even likes Shraddha then Dadi can expect she will accept Shraddha as her daughter in law. Shraddha cries hearing that.