Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 26th February 2020 Written Update: Dadi forgives Anjali

Episode begins with Rekha recalls her husband’s talks. Guests says Rekha is not seems like groom’s mother and asks how she is so free instead of doing the preparations for marriage and to welcome her daughter in law. Rekha tells there is many people exists in her house who knows what is right and wrong so they will do the preparations.

Hearing her Shlok’s father asks Prabhas to bring more flowers and says he doesn’t need anyone to do the decorations because he can do that. Shlok tells decorations is not his father’s cup of tea so he will talk with Rekha if she is angry then. Shlok’s father stops Shlok from talking to Rekha and says he will handle everything.

Dhruv says it’s important to convince Rekha because tomorrow is Shlok’s marriage and many works also pending. His father asks Dhruv to concentrate on work instead of talking and says loudly that he can do all the preparations so Rekha can hear him. Namrata says she doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow in marriage but Anjali proved by going to mumbai that she can be Rekha’s daughter in law. Rekha smiles hearing that.

On the other side, Vikas asks Dadi to forgive Anjali but Dadi stays silent so Vikas and Dadaji goes to their rooms without eating anything. Shraddha tries to convince Dadi but Dadi orders her to do the work silently. Shlok tries to convince Rekha but Namrata says Rekha should not forgive Shlok’s father easily. Rekha tells Shlok that his father can do all the arrangements so she won’t attend the marriage too.

Anjali was crying , Shraddha and Dadaji comes there with food and Dadaji tries to feed Anjali but she denies to eat and cries saying she hurtedDadi and asks Dadaji to convince Dadi for her.

Shraddha says she have a plan to convince Dadi and sings dadi amma dadi amma maan jao song, hearing that Dadi recalls her moments with her granddaughters and Anjali too starts to sing with Shraddha, Dadi forgives Anjali and hugs her tightly and says till marriage completes Anjali is her pride after marriage Anjali can forget her.

For that Anjali says that won’t happen never and smiles. Dadi cries thinking she should not get angry on Anjali when it was her last day in the house but she was angry because Anjali lied to her and it all happened because of Rekha.

Dadi says today is so special day for Anjali and blesses her and asks her to get ready for marriage. Dadi wants Rekha to participate in marriage forgetting yesterday issues. Shraddha says everything will happen the way Dadi wants. Dadi prays to God to start the new beginning with happiness. Rekha thinks if Dadi wants to do marriage according to her tradition then she won’t attend the marriage for sure.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi welcomes Shlok on marriage day. Vikas and Dadi shocks seeing sindoor on Shraddha’s forehead. Rekha says when she doesn’t even likes Shraddha then Dadi can expect she will accept Shraddha as her daughter in law. Shraddha cries hearing that.