Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 27th February 2020 Written Update: Rekha agrees to attend Shlok’s marriage

Episode begins with Shraddha calls Dhruv and says she wanted to talk with Rekha but Rekha didn’t attended her call. Dhruv says his mother is so angry that’s why he didn’t attend the call and would not attend the marriage too. Shraddha cries and requests him to convince Rekha, says till now she teased him lot but from now she won’t do that and asks him to convince Rekha for her

. Anjali’s family is ready for marriage in marathi attires and Dadaji asks Shraddha to click their pictures. Shraddha thinks Dhruv would have convinced Rekha or not and gets happy seeing Rekha, Dhruv dancing sitting on wheelchair and she thanks him.

Namrata says for son Rekha agreed to attend the marriage and says she too didn’t weared grand saree to show her anger. Rekha asks her to stay silent. Anjali’s family welcomes Shlok and his family. Prabhas teases Namrata for not going to beauty parlor today and asks about Anjali’s uncle and aunty. Dadi says Anjali doesn’t have any uncle and aunty.


Shraddha says Dhruv is her special guest so she will take care of and thanks him every language she knows and says because of him now both families happiness completed. Dhruv recalls how he convinced Rekha, he tells his mother that he too won’t attend the marriage and says he didn’t liked the way his father behaved with her and says he too won’t invite Shlok and his father to his marriage.

Rekha gets emotional and agrees to attend the marriage. Shraddha asks how he didn’t caught for his overacting and gives lemonade to him. He suspects she would have mixed something so asks her to taste first later he drinks and says she should take care of him through out the marriage.


Anjali and Shlok stares each other (Mujhehaqhai song plays in background) and blushes. They gets blessings from both families god and says today two families becoming one. Shlok’s father praises Dadi for her maturity and indirectly taunts Rekha, so she stands far from the mandap.

Namrata follows Rekha and Anjali notices everything and Shlok’s father asks to start the rituals. Anjali goes to Rekha and says she doesn’t remember her mother’s face but now she got her mother in Rekha and asks if in anger she can’t participate in son’s marriage rituals then she should participate in her daughter’s marriage rituals and says rituals won’t be completed without her presence and hugs her. Rekha cries and Anjali asks her to participate wholeheartedly.


Episode ends.


Precap – Someone puts sindoor on Shraddha’s forehead. Vikas and Dadi shocks seeing sindoor on Shraddha’s forehead. Rekha says when she doesn’t even likes Shraddha then Dadi can expect she will accept Shraddha as her daughter in law. Shraddha cries hearing that.