Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 27th January 2020 Written Update: Meet the Pradhan Family’s older and younger generation

Episode begins with inside a house in Indore someone is closing the windows and the doors of the house with a covered face. From the other hand, Mrs. Pradhan comes there to unveil the face of the covered human and it has turned out to be none other than Sraddha. Shraddha says to her grandmother that I have locked all the windows and doors of the house. They all got worked up so that elder person of the house Mr Vijay Pradhan doesn’t get to know or understand that tomorrow is 26 th January. The next morning when the head of the house Mr Vijay Pradhan get up from his sleep, he gets surprised to find out that all the doors and Windows of the house are closed and not even a Ray of light is entering the house.

Anjali is preparing for her trip to Bombay, she is a designer by profession and she is going to crack a big deal with a client at Mumbai. She says to her grandmother that if I can be able to crack the deal then I will ask for store in Indore so that I can take care of all of you and also can perform the responsibilities of mine properly. However in spite, their continuous trials and efforts Mr vardhan gets to know about the date being 26 January. Hence he decided to go out of the house and he breaks a window and goes out.

Anjali, shradha and their grandmother are preparing for leaving before the airport to catch the flight when they heard the sound and goes to check what happened suddenly!! They realised that in spite of trying so much they are failed in hiding the news of 26 January from their grandfather. He goes out of the house and is walking by the street with the patriotic feeling inside him growing. He remember his good old days when he used to serve the country as an IAS officer. He comes to a place where a play is going on and a person standing on the stage is trying to enact as “Chandrashekhar Basu”.

That person who is speaking the dialogues of this patriotic figure, forgot the lines in between. Vijay gets angry and he comes up on the stage and slapped that guy for tampering the sentences of our freedom fighters. He takes on the mic and complete the sentence which the guy is not able to do so. Shradha to came from there and all of the four people come back home while Anjali is continuously scolding him for being careless enough to not take care of his health and neither about the emotions of other family members. Vardhan says you speak in a rude manner with people, I am waiting for the day when you will get married and we will get a chance to stay away from her.

Anjali gets disappointed after hearing this and she says to him that if you are dreaming about search scenarios then your dreams are made to be broken because nothing like that will ever happen in our life. She gets upset and went away from there, when the grandmother of them scolded Mr Vijay for making Anjali cry and also blamed him for causing a loss of 6000 rupees. She said Anjali was ready to visit Bombay but due to you and your antiques she missed her flight today. Vardhan asks who gave her permission by the way. Anjali is sitting in the terrace and she is burning all the designs and the handcrafted things she made to show the client after going to Bombay. Shraddha and Anjali had an emotional conversation with each other.

Anjali says whenever I tried to say something or do something this house starts to sing about my marriage thing. Shraddha tries to come down Anjali but she is too upset with all that happening and she says that no matter what we have to be here and take care of both of them as they have no one by their side. Anjali burnt down all the the designs she made and says to shraddha that this dreams of mine needs to be destroyed or else these will haunt me forever. Anjali left and shraddha looks at the bond paper pieces and says this ashes will only revived in a spark within you.

On the other side, a boy is staying at the neighbourhood of Anjali is liking her from more than one month and she has no clue about it. His brother suggested him to go and confess about the feelings he had for Anjali before it’s too late. A famous movie star is doing his shooting in the city of Indore and someone is at the street spot to take him away for inaugurating their 26 January special program. A woman comes with a request Tu to let her welcome him in a grand and royal way in their house once. She says for the betterment of my kids I can do anything. In the morning,

Anjali gives her grandfather the Navy uniform he used to wear when he was serving the country as an Army head. The Khanna brothers came at a cattle to make the animals eat their food. Later in the day, this brothers duo welcome Mukesh Khanna the famous movie star at their house.

Rekha says to drive and shlok that I want you two to become successful in your respective careers in life. If it’s something for someone becomes the obstacles in your path then I will ruin that person.

Precap – Dhruv made another attempt to get a picture of Anjali for his brother but shradha has a plan to teach him a lesson.