Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 28th February 2020 Written Update: Dadaji falls unconscious


Episode begins with Anjali makes Rekha stand beside Shlok’s father and Dadi smiles seeing all this. Shlok apologize to Rekha in sign language and he hugs her. Shlok, Anjali’s marriage rituals begins and they exchang the garlands. (aaj se teri song plays on background) Dhruv throws the flowers on Shraddha, when sees him he turns around like he did nothing. He wanted to go to washroom and searches that.


Shraddha follows him and gets to know about his emergency and teases him and shows the washroom by saying she will take him there and pushes his wheelchair fastly. She asks him to do fast because marriage may begin anytime soon. He comes outside and thanks her, hearing his thanks she asks how suddenly villain become hero. He says today morning someone called him and apologized to him and talked nicely with him otherwise she used to behave like devil only, he takes her hand with his and Shraddha blushes.

adaji arrives there and sees them. Seeing Dadaji, Shraddha tells she helped him to reach washroom and takes Dhruv from there. Dadaji thinks if Shraddha and Dhruv is couple then he is happy and prays to god to protect his granddaughters from evil eyes.


Vikas announces that Shraddha planned some surprise for Anjali and Shlok. Shraddha dances on pinka song and later Anjali too joins her. Everyone enjoys it. While dancing Shraddha sees Dhruv and Dadaji notices that. Dadaji feels uncomfortable suddenly and holds his heart and goes to Anjali’s room to take his medicines. Dhruv calls Shraddha saying he again have to use washroom. They shocks seeing Dadaji in unconscious state.


Shraddha runs towards Dadaji and asks Dhruv to call other family members but Dadaji stops him saying because of him Anjali’s marriage should not stop. Dhruv says Dadaji is right and says they will take him to hospital from backside. Dadi searches Dadaji and gets worried.

Episode ends.

Precap – Doctor tells Shraddha to stay outside icu. Dhruv puts sindoor on Shraddha’s forehead. Vikas and Dadi shocks seeing sindoor on Shraddha’s forehead. Rekha says when she doesn’t even likes Shraddha then Dadi can expect she will accept Shraddha as her daughter in law. Shraddha cries hearing that.