Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 28th January 2020 Written Update: Dhruv’s all plans failed

Episode begins with Shraddha collecting stones to hit Dhruv. Shlok and Dhruv playing with kids. Shlok says yesterday Dhruv can’t even able to click Anjali’s picture and Dhruv got injury too. Shlok recalls Rekha’s slap too and says his mother too angry on him and nothing good happened yesterday. Dhruv says today Anjali herself will come to their house today.

One guy comes to Anjali’s house and gives the bouquet to Shraddha and goes from there without saying anything.

On the other side Shlok asks why Dhruv sent the bouquet to Anjali’s house. Dhruv says how he changed Anjali’s door number from 36 to 39 yesterday and their door number is 39 so to return the bouquet to them Anjali herself will come to their home. Shlok gets happy hearing this plan and gets worried too thinking Rekha should not know that he is behind some girl otherwise she will be angry on him. He recalls his first and second meet with Anjali.

Anjali asks who sent this bouquet? Dadi says it would for her and says some guy is following her from last month. That time Vikas comes there and informs about the change of door number. They gets to know bouquet delivered in wrong address. Dadi gets embarrassed and Dadaji teasingly smiles at her.

Shraddha comes to Shlok house with bouquet. Dhruv gets shocks seeing her there instead of Anjali. She thinks he is behind her so after warning him goes from there. Dhruv thinks other idea.

Dadi was chatting with few ladies. Shraddha comes there and tells about Dhruv. Dhruv changes his house door number and gets Anjali’s courier from courier office and goes to Anjali’s house. Shraddha informs Dadi he is the same guy who is behind Shraddha and came yesterday too. All ladies hits him with brooms. Dhruv runs from there to save himself and he reaches Shlok who was waiting for him outside and they leaves from there. Shraddha just sees their back. Dadi comes to her and says Dhruv is not behind Shraddha because he hided face from her and goes from there. Shraddha thinks then why he came to their house and thinks about other guy too.

Rekha recalls her slap. Prabhas says there is lot of other jobs too exists for Dhruv then why she is adamant to make Dhruv as actor. Rekha gets angry and shouts at him. She says already Shlok’s future spoiled and she doesn’t wants Dhruv’s future too spoils. Prabhas says her son’s need someone to show the reality of life. She thinks about it.

Dadaji says he is hungry from long time and no one giving him food. Shraddha teasingly says now only everyone ate and he forgot already. Dadaji gets angry and shouts at Vikas and everyone realizes he didn’t even remember about yesterday things.

Episode ends.

Precap – They admit Dadaji in hospital and he goes missing from there. Anjali gets worried for him.