Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 29th February 2020 Written Update: Dadaji’s last wish

Episode begins with Vikas brings Anjali to mandap.Shraddha and Dhruv takes Dadaji to hospital. Shlok tells Anjali that today he isn’t shying much. Anjali recalls how she asked him to not shy much and both smiles seeing each other.

Dadi tells Vikas that during pooja Panditji will ask Anjali’s mother name but he should not take Visaka’s name whatever may happen. Rekha hears that and thinks why they wants to hide Anjali’s mother name from everyone. Anjali asks Dadi about Shraddha and Dadaji and says both become invisible from long time. So Vikas calls Shraddha to know about their whereabouts. Dhruv tells Shraddha that Vikas calling her, Dadaji asks her to not inform about him till Anjali’s marriage finishes and Shraddha attends the call and says something to him. Vikas tells his family that Dadaji’s sugar level increased so Shraddha take him to hospital and now he is okay. Anjali wants to go to hospital but Vikas stops her and Dadi assures her that Dadaji is fine.

In car, Shraddha asks Dadaji to stay awake. When Pandiji asks Anjali’s mother name Dadi tells Varsha. Rekha shocks hearing that and stops Panditji to continue the pooja further and says she heard Anjali’s mother name is Visaka then why Dadi telling Varsha. Dadi says in their culture after marriage girls name changes by their mother in laws so it’s Varsha only not Visaka and asks Panditji to continue the pooja with that name.

Doctor informs them that Dadaji had heart attack and he is still in critical condition so they have to do surgery immediately to save him but chances of surgery became successful is just 2% but they don’t have any other option to save him. Shraddha agrees to do surgery and asks doctor to save Dadaji.

Panditji calls bride’s sister to do gathbanthan but Dadi does it instead of Shraddha. Nurse informs them that before surgery Dadaji wants to meet Shraddha and Dhruv. Dadaji sees them and recalls their close moment. He says he is going for forever and asks Shraddha to tell Dadi that he loves her. Shraddha says nothing will happen to him and he have to do Anjali’s bidaai too. He says he saw Anjali as bride but didn’t get chance to see Shraddha as bride before his death and asks does she and Dhruv likes each other? And asks her to fulfill his last wish and asks them to marry each other. They shocks hearing Dadaji.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dhruv marries Shraddha in hospital. Vikas and Dadi reaches hospital and shocks seeing sindoor on Shraddha’s forehead. Rekha says when she doesn’t even likes Shraddha then how Dadi can expect she will accept Shraddha as her daughter in law. Shraddha cries hearing that. Dadi washes the sindoor which Shraddha had on her forehead.