Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 29th January 2020 Written Update: Anjali’s Dadaji goes missing

Episode begins with Anjali tries to convince Dadaji and everyone goes to hospital. Dadaji says he doesn’t forget anything and says about Anjali’s childhood memories to prove his point. In the hospital, Dadi doesn’t like the smell and says she will stay there just for 5minutes not more than that.

In the same hospital Dhruv getting treated for his hand injury. Shlok says Rekha would kill him if she came to know about Dhruv’s injury. Dadi doesn’t co operate with doctor for check up. Doctor says her to go to X-ray room and change to hospital dress. She gets angry hearing this and fights with him saying why male doctor treating female patient. Shraddha says it’s not matter doctor is male or female doctor too agrees with her. And Dadi tries to hit doctor and Shraddha stops her from doing that.

On the other side, doctor checks Dadaji’s old report and asks Anjali about his daily activities. Anjali gives him recent report and explains how Dadaji forgot things and behave weirdly sometimes. Doctor says Dadaji have a disease of forgetting things and the disease is dementia. Anjali and Vikas shocks hearing this. Anjali asks how it will be cured? Doctor says by time it will keep increasing but can control with medicines. Vikas gets sad and Anjali consoles him. Doctor asks them to do few new checkups. Vikas goes to arrange money. Anjali asks will he arrange this amount? He assures her and says he will handle everything and just Dadaji’s health matters.

Vikas comes to Dadi’s room. Dadi asks Vikas about Dadaji’s health report. He avoids her question and enquiries doctor about Dadi’s health. Dadi notices something is wrong. Dhruv says he can’t put bandage because his mother will come to know about his injury. Dhruv sees Anjali there and informs Shlok about her. Shlok gets happy seeing her.

Dadi comes to Vikas and asks What happened to Dadaji. He says about Dadaji’s disease. She silently cries and gets worried about treatment expenses. He asks her to trust him and they all together that’s what matters. Dadaji imagines his doctor as Anjali’s groom.

Dhruv asks Anjali to reach ward no. 7 in announcement mike.Anjali gets worried thinking what happened to Dadi and goes there leaving Dadaji alone. Dadaji enquiries doctor about his age, salary and his family. He thinks this doctor is right match for Anjali. Dadaji follows doctor and comes out of the hospital.

Anjali reaches ward no. 7 but gets confused seeing that room empty. Dhruv asks Shlok to confess his feelings to Anjali. Shlok sees Anjali and gets mesmerized. Shraddha shouts at nurse and says her Dadaji is missing. Shlok hears that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anjali comes to Shlok’s office for interview. Anjali gets angry on Dhruv and slaps him. Rekha sees that and says she will write Anjali’s future now.