Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 30th January 2020 Written Update: Anjali’s first meet with Shlok

Episode begins with Shraddha calls Anjali and informs about Dadaji’s missing. Shlok goes to search Dadaji and finds him in middle of the road. Anjali shouts at staff’s for their carelessness towards patients in hospital. Shlok asks Dadaji to come with him, first Dadaji hesitates later convinced by Shlok and goes with him in Shlok’s bike. Shlok brings Dadaji to hospital. Dadaji’s family except Anjali meets Dadaji and thanks Shlok for saving Dadaji. Before Anjali comes there Shlok goes leaves that place.

Dhruv says Shlok did good by saving Dadaji but he should have waited to take credit till Anjali comes there. Shlok says he can’t do these all and it doesn’t suits him too. He feels he doesn’t deserve Anjali and he can’t be selfish in Dadaji matter. Shraddha hears everything. She meets them and says they definitely know her who she is. Shlok says she is Anjali’s younger sister. Dhruv says Shlok loves Anjali lot and she can test Shlok if she wants. Shraddha says she doesn’t wanna test stalkers and warns them to not follow Anjali from now. Shlok says he loves Anjali lot his way can be wrong but not his intention. He promises to love Anjali forever and take care of her family. He says he always fulfilles his promises and never lies too. And asks Shraddha to decide what she feels right for Anjali. Shraddha thinks something special is in him and says she liked it how he saved her Dadaji instead of proposing Anjali. She says she will help him to win Anjali’s heart and says she have some plan.

Shlok meets Rekha apologize to her for his behavior. She doesn’t believes him. He says he will join office from tomorrow and says he even conducted interview for costume designer for their ad agency and goes to his room. He recalls Shraddha’s plan that Anjali have to work with Shlok and they can become friends first later it can turn into love.

Shraddha asks Anjali to get ready for interview. But Anjali says she have to go hospital and not attending the interview. Dadi comes there and says she is going to hospital so Anjali should go for interview. Anjali agrees with them. Shlok dreams about Anjali in his office and he gets late to reach office. He asks Dhruv to help him.

Anjali reaches office and waits for Shlok. Shlok doesn’t comes when receptionist informs about this to Rekha, she tells send back Anjali. Receptionist informs this to Anjali. Anjali fights with her and tries to go from there that time Shlok comes there and introduce himself to her. She argues with him for wasting her time and he tries to convince her but all goes in vain. Dhruv comes there and tells Shlok loves Anjali that’s why they conducted this interview for her. Hearing this Anjali slaps him and goes from there.Rekha hears everything and asks Vikas to collect details about Anjali.

Episode ends.

Precap – Doctor suggests to do surgery for Dadaji.