Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 31st January 2020 Written Update: Shlok helps Dadaji

Episode begins with Shraddha asks Anjali to control her anger. Anjali taunts Shlok for not being punctual and tells Shlok loves her that’s why they wanted to hire her. Shraddha acts like she doesn’t know about this already. Anjali gets call from Vikas, he asks her reach hospital with Shraddha saying Dadaji’s health condition is not good. Anjali and Shraddha leaves for hospital.

In hospital, Vikas tells his daughters that suddenly Dadaji’s condition became worst so doctors suggested to do surgery. Anjali shocks hearing surgery. Doctor asks Dadi to sign in consent form. Dadi gets worried for Dadaji and cries.

On the other side, Dhruv does photoshoot with girls.Prabhas asks him to pose without shyness. Dhruv says acting like playboy in front of mother is difficult so Prabhas and Rekha goes outside studio. Rekha says Dhruv’s these recent pictures should reach all big producers and directors. He asks she really wants to do Shlok’s marriage with Anjali. She says Shlok loves Anjali and people can go any extend in love so she gonna use that love. Shlok needs some fire to become something in his life and that fire is Anjali. Prabhas praises Rekha’s idea.

Dadi asks doctor to sign consent form which tells Dadaji will be already after surgery. Doctor says he can give guarantee of Dadaji’s life after surgery and denies to sign. So Dadi decides to take Dadaji to home without doing surgery. Vikas tells her this surgery is important for Dadaji. But Dadi is adamant to not do surgery when doctor can’t give guarantee. She says Dadaji forget things that’s fine but at least he will be alive with them. Anjali consoles her. Doctor tells them to pray so Dadaji can come to conscious by any miracle. He suggests them to call the person whom Dadaji met recently. Shraddha remembers about Shlok and calls him and asks him to reach city hospital telling about Dadaji’s disease.

Dadaji comes to conscious and doesn’t identifies his family and behaves rudely with everyone. He doesn’t let doctors too treat him, he throws everything.No one able to control him. Anjali shocks seeing Shlok there. Prabhas reaches Anjali’s house and gets to know she is in hospital because her Dadaji is unwell.

Anjali says Shlok to leave from there. Shraddha says he only saved Dadaji recently and she called him to help them. She says by seeing him Dadaji can remember anything. Shlok meets Dadaji, he introduce himself as well wisher like he did at their first meeting. Dadaji recalls how Shlok saved him in that heavy traffic. He assumes Shlok as one of his friends son and talks with him happily. Doctor says they can postpone the surgery seeing this. Everyone gets happy.

Prabhas reaches hospital and records in his mobile that how Shlok helps Dadaji. He shows that to Rekha and says Anjali is simple girl who belongs to middle class family. Rekha sees confidence in Shlok’s face which she never saw before and now it happened because of Anjali. She asks him find Anjali’s weakness.

Episode ends.

Precap –  Anjali tauntingly asks how long Shlok will help Dadaji.