Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 3rd February 2020 Written Update: Rekha tests Anjali

Episode begins with Shlok brings Dadaji to Anjali’s house saying it’s his house and his father will meet Dadaji soon. Dadaji doesn’t leave Shlok even for a second too because he trusts just him. He assumes Dadi as servant and asks her to do the household works properly, Dadi gets annoyed with this. Shlok shows Dadaji’s old album to him and Dadaji gets panic attack seeing his pictures. Dadi asks doctor to take his young nurse with him and annoyingly says Dadaji just doesn’t remember her but he have seen others somewhere. Doctor says airforce related things affects Dadaji. \

Dadi says he was a commander in airforce and saved many people in one accident and got injured badly but airforce management blame for him for the accident and dismissed him from his job. Dadaji was so devastated because of that and even scolded them from then they didn’t get any help from them. And that’s why still Vijay commander is still alive in Dadaji. Doctor suggests them to recreate those things which happened recently and it will help him.

Shraddha comes to meet Dhruv and gets annoyed seeing him flirting with his gym trainer. She tries to talk with him sweetly because she needs his help. She asks him to speak the speech he did in front of Dadaji. Dhruv recalls the slap he got from Dadaji and denies to help her. She first requests him and later blackmails him that if he didn’t help then she will do complaint against him for stalking them. So he agrees to help her.

Rekha says today it will be decided that Anjali deserves to be her daughter in law or not because today she gonna test Anjali. Dhruv comes to Shraddha’s house and seeing Anjali he gets afraid recalling Anjali’s slap. He tries to leave from there but Shraddha stops him and asks him to prove his acting talent today. Rekha sends Prabhas to Anjali’s house with few sweet boxes and thinks she will handle other things because she knows to differentiate between original and duplicate.

Dhruv recalls Dadaji’s speech and speaks that same speech in front of him confidently. Dadaji gets impressed with Dhruv. Doctor too praises Dhruv and says Dadaji responded well so he should come frequently to meet Dadaji. Shraddha says Dhruv will definitely come whenever they needs him. Dhruv definitely not okay with it and says if he is free then will try to come.

Prabhas comes there and gives the sweet boxes to Shlok telling his mother gave that for them. Shlok gets call from Rekha, she tells she is really proud of him for helping a patient. Rekha thinks it’s Anjali’s biggest test in her life. Shlok gives the sweets to everyone. Shraddha asks him to give the sweet to Anjali too. He goes to Anjali and gets mesmerized seeing her and then comes to sense. He gives the sweet to her.

Shlok comes to his home and Rekha asks did anyone ate chocolate’s strawberry sweet? He says Anjali ate that sweet and goes towards his room.Rekha gets happy hearing this and tells Prabhas that Anjali passed her test. She says Anjali is today’s girl and when her dreams will be fulfilled she can’t stop herself and that’s her weakness. Anjali’s this weakness will bring her to Rekha’s house as her daughter in law and says it’s time for Anjali and Shlok’s marriage.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rekha tells Dadi that she is really lucky to get Shlok as their son in law. Dadi orders Shlok to leave her house.