Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 3rd March 2020 Written Update: Dhruv tells Shraddha about his plan

Episode begins with Dadaji tells Dhruv and Shraddha about last ritual to complete the marriage and asks them to complete seven rounds around fire.

Panditji tells the same to Shlok and Anjali, after completing the seven rounds they takes blessings from their family. Shraddha and Dhruv takes blessings from Dadaji and Nurse. Nurse notices Dadaji’dbp and thinks now he is stable to do surgery.


Namrata tells Rekha that now they should leave to home to start the preparations for Anjali’s welcome because marriage already happened in marathi tradition but Anjali’s welcome should happen in their tradition only and they leaves from there.

Dadaji asks Dhruv to take care of Shraddha and says now his all wishes fulfilled and all his responsibilities too over so they can take him wherever they wants to, they takes him for surgery.


Shraddha thinks even though this marriage doesn’t have any meaning still she is married to Dhruv and that’s a fact and cries seeing her mangalsutra. Dhruv comes there and goes from there without saying anything. She recalls her marriage and goes to Dhruv with expectations and says thanks to him.

He asks her who won today? She gets confused with his question. He asks still she thinks he is a bad actor and says everything was acting he did nothing for her instead he did to teach her lesson because she used to criticize his acting skills always and she recalls how she teased him for his acting.

He says today too she didn’t caught his romantic acting and his plan was to make her fall for him so he can make fun of her like she did with him at sangeet day by making him fall and goes from there.


Shraddha shocks hearing him and goes to him and says at sangeet day he didn’t fall because of her. Dhruv tells her how Namrata told him that Shraddha only would have deliberately make him fall while dancing so she can take whole credit.

Shraddha says she did nothing like that but Dhruv denies to believe her and says acting over so she can wash the sindoor and gives the handkerchief to her. He says he made fun of her like she did with him now she is just a joke in front of her eyes by falling for him and says this marriage was not his part of plan he did that for Anjali and Dadaji. He says he is here only for Dadaji’s surgery and asks her to call him only if Anjali and Dadaji needs him and goes from there without listening Shraddha.


Episode ends.


Precap – Dadi asks Rekha to start the new relation and says Shraddha will change Dhruv’s destiny for sure. Rekha says Dadi became mad that’s why she is talking nonsense. Shraddha tells Anjali that no one can separate them and now their in laws too same, Anjali smiles hearing her. Dhruv tells Rekha that his marriage is biggest truth of his life. Rekha says she won’t let Shraddha spoil his life and carrier. Shlok warns Rekha that if she didn’t allowed Dhruv to do what he wants then he won’t bring Anjali to their house and he too will leave the house. Rekha asks Dadi to not connect Shraddha’s name with Dhruv.