Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 4th February 2020 Written Update: Dadi loses her cool

Episode begins with Anjali sends mail apologizing for not attending interview. Dadi prepares sweet because she wants to give it to Rekha. Anjali says that was not needed but Dadi doesn’t listen her. Shlok and Dhruv comes there to take care of Dadaji. Shraddha thanks Shlok for helping Dadaji so much and taunts Dhruv about his acting. Dadi comes with sweet box and says it’s for them. Dhruv tries to take one piece but Shraddha snatches the box from him and takes Dadi with her to Shlok’s house.

Dadi and Shraddha reaches Shlok’s house. Dadi praises Shlok and Dhruv for their good values. Rekha says Shlok too talks lot about Anjali and Shraddha especially Anjali. Shraddha says Anjali is the one who handles everyone and everything in their family. Dadi says Anjali cares about everyone but doesn’t gets time to care about herself. Rekha says Anjali is very lucky because once she becomes her daughter in law she can do whatever she wants to do. And says Dadi is very lucky that she got son in law like Shlok that too without doing anything.

Shlok was collecting Anjali’s family members pictures to make family tree and says he didn’t got Anjali’s mother picture. Anjali says he won’t get her mother’s picture and asks what is he doing with their pictures. He tells her that he gonna make family tree so it can help Dadaji’s memory. She snatches the pictures from him and asks why he is doing all this for them? He replies he is doing for Dadaji. For that Anjali asks for how long he can take care of Dadaji leaving his personal life things.

Rekha says she met astrologer to fix marriage date for Anjali and Shlok. Dadi gets shocks hearing this and says Rekha doesn’t have any daughter that’s why she doesn’t know how to talk about daughter’s alliance. She says bride’s side opinions too matters in marriage talks but Rekha talking arrogantly with them. She says Anjali have enough talent that she can earn more money and tauntingly asks Rekha that is she ready to become Anjali’s mother in law?

Shlok says Anjali just talking about the negative aspects of having grandparents not positive ones. He tells Anjali and Shraddha is very lucky that they have grandparents with them who gives love and guidance which he and Dhruv never got. He says he is doing everything with his wish and Dadaji is like his grandparent. Anjali becomes silent hearing him. Dadaji wakes up and Shlok takes him outside room.

Rekha says she won’t take Dadi’s words in wrong way because of her age and says if Anjali’s mother was here then she would have understood Rekha because the way a mother thinks about her daughters future, a grandmother can’t think for her grandchild. Dadi gets upset hearing this. Shraddha says Dadi is more than mother for her and Anjali and Rekha can’t understand their bond and leaves from there with Dadi. Dadi recalls Rekha’s words. Shraddha consoles her.

Shlok teaches Dadaji to make paper rocket and plays with him. Dadaji remembers playing this with Shraddha and asks where is Shraddha. Shlok gets surprised asks did he took Shraddha’s name? Dadaji nodded and says Shraddha is his grandchild. Shlok gets happy and tells everyone. Dadi asks Shlok and Dhruv to leave the house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anjali asks Vikas why everyone gets upset whenever her mother’s topic comes and why there is not a single picture of her mother in their house. Shraddha asks Vikas to tell the truth because Dadi won’t say anything. Shraddha tells Shlok that with love respect too matters and asks he is with right or wrong.