Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 4th March 2020 Written Update: Shlok takes stand for Shraddha

Episode begins with Dhruv says marriage over and drama too over and goes from there. Shraddha cries recalling everything which happened today. Nurse asks Dhruv about Dadaji’s previous medical reports because they needed them for surgery.

Dhruv calls Vikas to inform about Dadaji’s health condition and Anjali hears that and runs to reach hospital and Shlok , her family follows her. Shraddha asks Anjali to reach 3rd floor when Anjali called her. Vikas and Dadi shocks seeing Shraddha’s sindoor and asks her to tell the truth. Anjali tells Shraddha to stop crying and say what happened.

Shraddha says she didn’t had any other choice and first time Dadaji asked her something that’s why she didn’t able to deny him and says Dadaji misunderstood about Dhruv and her relation and asked her to marry him that’s why she did fake marriage. Anjali gets angry and asks how can Shraddha took this much big decision alone and asks why Shraddha didn’t talked with family and cries.

Shlok consoles Anjali, and takes stand for Shraddha telling they should be proud of her brave decision and Shraddha thought about Anjali and Dadaji before her own self. Shlok tells he is with Shraddha and tries to make others too understand her situation that’s it’s just a fake marriage.

And asks Dadi to not angry on Shraddha instead she should support her now because if Dadaji asked something to Dadi then she too would have done it for him. He tells Anjali to not worry, and says she is strong enough to handle others and everything will be fine because Shraddha’s intention was good. He takes Vikas to doctor to give Dadaji’s reports, Anjali too follows them.

Prabhas heard everything and thinks Dhruv become mad and searches him in hospital, that time gets call from Sunderlal , and lies to him about Dadaji’s health condition and says Dadaji is normal now because he wanted to hide Dhruv and Shraddha issue from him and asks him reach house to handle the preparation for Anjali’s welcome. He meets Dhruv and scolds him but Dhruv behaves like nothing big happened.

Prabhas asks did Dhruv even understands the importance of sindoor and mangalsutra. Dhruv tells it was just a fake marriage so Prabhas need not to worry about it. Prabhas asks did anyone saw the marriage because it can become legal if anyone witnessed it then.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi asks Rekha to start the new relation and says Shraddha will change Dhruv’s destiny for sure. Rekha says Dadi became mad that’s why she is talking nonsense. Shraddha tells Anjali that no one can separate them and now their in laws too same, Anjali smiles hearing her. Dhruv tells Rekha that his marriage is biggest truth of his life. Rekha says she won’t let Shraddha spoil his life and carrier. Shlok warns Rekha that if she didn’t allowed Dhruv to do what he wants then he won’t bring Anjali to their house and he too will leave the house. Rekha asks Dadi to not connect Shraddha’s name with Dhruv.