Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 5th February 2020 Written Update: Shlok decides to leave his house

Episode begins with Anjali asks Dadi what is the reason of her weird behavior? Dadaji says Shlok and Dhruv won’t go anywhere and he argues with Dadi. Dadi hugs Anjali and says she won’t tolerate her granddaughter’s insult. Shlok stands there with confusion and Dadi throws him out of the house. Vikas tries to stops her but failed in his attempt. Dadaji gets hyper seeing this and everyone tries to calm him and finally he sleeps just Dadi stays with him locking the room door from instead.

Dhruv thinks what could be the reason for Dadi’s sudden outburst and asks Shlok to not take any tension he will take care of everything. Shraddha comes there and tells about everything which happened in Shlok’s house. She says love needs respect too and asks him to decide he is with right side or wrong and leaves from there.

Shlok’s father scolds Rekha for her behavior towards Anjali’s dadi and tells Dhruv told him everything. Shlok and Dhruv comes there and Rekha says food is ready. Shlok moves towards his room without saying anything. Dhruv says Rekha should apologize to Dadi for her behavior. Rekha gets shocked hearing him.

Anjali asks Dadi to open the door and talk with her. She goes to Vikas and asks why everyone becomes upset whenever her mother’s topic comes? Shraddha asks why Dadi gets angry whenever she asks about her mother? Anjali says there is not a single picture of her in their house. Shraddha requests him to tell the truth.

Rekha says she did what is right for Shlok in her way and to do that she doesn’t need anyone’s permission. She wanted them to know about her family that’s why she talked with them openly nothing else and says Shraddha talked with her disrespectfully. Dhruv says his father used to say Dhruv’s generation people doesn’t have patience but she should know how to talk with whom. Shlok’s father says Dhruv showing her right path and asks her to listen her son. Rekha taunts Shlok’s father for not thinking about his son’s future and asks him to stay silent. That time Shlok comes down with his luggage and says because of him everyone blames each other and fights too. He is the reason for their house negativity so he decided to leave the house because it’s the only solution for this problem. Dhruv says Rekha apologizing to Dadi is best solution and asks Shlok to not go anywhere. Rekha says how can Dhruv think she will apologize to Dadi and moves towards her room.

Dadi comes outside room and angrily asks what they wanna know? Anjali and Shraddha becomes silent seeing her anger. Shraddha gets call from Dhruv, he asks her to open the door Shlok. Everyone shocks seeing Shlok there with luggage but Anjali doesn’t let him come inside and scolds him and says he can’t stay in her house. Shlok says he didn’t came to stay in her house or not trying to impress her but he came just for Dadaji with his father. Vikas invites Shlok and his father inside. Shlok’s father apologize to Dadi and requests her to let Shlok complete his therapy. Dadi says she doesn’t need their favor. Rekha comes there and she and Dadi recalls their fight.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rekha tells Prabhas that she will take her revenge once the marriage happens. Anjali denies to do marriage and asks who will take care of her grand parents after her marriage. Vikas shouts at her.