Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 5th March 2020 Written Update: Rekha thinks Dadi trapped Dhruv

Episode begins with Prabhas says Dhruv’s dream of becoming bollywood star will be shattered if others gets to know about his marriage.

Dhruv tells one nurse and wardboy saw their marriage for that Prabhas says he will handle that. Dadi removes Shraddha’s sindoor and mangalsutra and says sindoor’s colour will fade away so don’t let the colour reach her heart and both cries.

Shlok says if Anjali wants she can smoke to control her stress and he will manage everything and no one will get to know about that. Anjali says she is so afraid if anything happened to Dadaji then she won’t forgive herself.

Shlok tells Dadaji will be fine, and many things already happened so we just need to change our perspective and says Shraddha and Dhruv faced the difficult situation instead of running away from them like that they will face this difficult situation together.

Prabhas blackmails the Nurse to not tell about the marriage to anyone. That time Dadi comes there with Shraddha and says Nurse won’t reveal anything because she already convinced her with love not  by violence and asks him not behave same with wardboy too.

Prabhas apologize to Nurse for his behavior,Nurse too forgives him and goes from there. Dadi says her family too not happy with this fake marriage and says she wants to talk with Rekha, while talking with Rekha, Dadi gets to know that Rekha is in hospital now and knows everything.

Rekha reaches hospital with Namrata. Dhruv comes there and recalls Prabhas warning, he notices Shraddha’s forehead and thinks she deliberately didn’t removed the sindoor fully to put him in trouble like she did with him in sangeet day.

Dadi goes to talk with Rekha but Prabhas stops her saying he will talk first. Rekha tells Prabhas that Dadi lied to her and trapped Dhruv.

Prabhas says only two people know about the fake marriage and they won’t tell anything to anyone and Dadaji condition too already critical so she need not to worry this fake marriage.

Doctor comes there after surgery and informs everyone that surgery is successful and Dadaji’s condition also stable now. Pradhan’s gets happy and Prabhas, Rekha shocks listening the doctor. Rekha thinks everything is drama to trap Dhruv including Dadaji’s health condition.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi asks Rekha to start the new relation and says Shraddha will change Dhruv’s destiny for sure. Rekha says Dadi became mad that’s why she is talking nonsense. Shraddha tells Anjali that no one can separate them and now their in laws too same, Anjali smiles hearing her. Dhruv tells Rekha that his marriage is biggest truth of his life. Rekha says she won’t let Shraddha spoil his life and carrier. Shlok warns Rekha that if she didn’t allowed Dhruv to do what he wants then he won’t bring Anjali to their house and he too will leave the house. Rekha asks Dadi to not connect Shraddha’s name with Dhruv.