Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 6th February 2020 Written Update: Rekha apologize to Dadi

Episode begins with Rekha apologize to Dadi for her mistake. Dadi says accepting the mistake and apologizing for that is really a big thing so she forgives her. Rekha says now she doesn’t have the rights to talk about marriage proposal so requests her to let Shlok help Dadaji. Vikas asks Dadi to forget old matters and move on and says Shlok can help Dadaji. Shlok and Dhruv moves towards Dadaji room. Rekha asks Dadi to feed the sweet by her hand then only she will believe that Dadi forgave her by heart. She says she will never forget these moments and goes from there.

Later Rekha recalls how she apologized to Dadi in front of everyone. Prabhas asks till now she never apologized to anyone for her mistake then why she apologized to Dadi? Rekha says not she but the mother in her asked apologize. She says Anjali’s love really changed Shlok that he first time took strong decision just by listening his heart without caring about others. And she have to support him in this. Once Shlok’s  marriage completes she will take revenge from Dadi and Shraddha.

Shraddha gives few speech of freedom fighters to Dhruv and says he have speak in front of Dadaji and says Shlok only told her to give it to him. Dhruv says it have difficult hindi words and he can’t do this. Shraddha says that’s what she too wants he should make mistake and Dadaji will slap him by that only Dadaji will remember old incidents. Dhruv prepares his speech in Dadaji room and gets irritated he says freedom fighters did nothing because nothing changed now everything is same. Dadaji hears him and slaps him for mocking freedom fighters sacrifice. Dadaji remembers he already once slapped him for making joke of freedom fighters. Shlok and Shraddha smiles realizing that their plan became successful. Dadaji remembers everyone and his family gets happy. Shlok introduce himself to Dadaji and says Dhruv is his younger brother. Dadi says now Dadaji will do less drama. Vikas calls doctor and informs about Dadaji. After checking Dadaji, doctor praises Shlok for Dadaji’s speedy recovery. Shlok gives the credit to Shraddha and Dhruv. Shraddha and Dhruv argues with each other saying who deserves more credit. Vikas says he wanna talk about Shlok and Anjali’s marriage to Rekha. Shlok blushes hearing him but Anjali shocks. Dhruv and Shlok goes to their home.

Anjali says without her opinion how Vikas can take decision of her life. She says just because Shlok helped Dadaji that’s not mean she have to marry him. Vikas says he knows what is right for Anjali as a father and they won’t get any good guy like Shlok. Anjali says she doesn’t wanna marry anyone because who will take care of her grandparents after her marriage. Vikas tells her to think about herself too once instead of always thinking about others and says they don’t need Anjali. Dadi says Shlok is really a good guy that he will take care of Anjali for sure. Dadaji comes there and says he already choosed Shlok for Anjali. Anjali says they can do whatever they wants but she won’t leave the house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anjali tells Shlok doesn’t know the real Anjali and shows the cigarette pocket to him and she is a smoker.