Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 6th March 2020 Written Update: Dhruv denies to meet Dadaji

Episode begins with Doctor informs that they shifted Dadaji to normal ward and he wished to meet Dhruv , Shraddha. Dhruv denies to meet Dadaji and goes from there and Shlok follows him. Sunderlal asks how can Shraddha meet Dadaji without sindoor and mangalsutra?

Shraddha stays silent and he tells Dadi that the surgery was really a big one, now they should not give stress to Dadaji so it won’t be good if Dadaji saw Shraddha without sindoor and mangalsutra.

Vikas gives the mangalsutra to Dadi and she makes Shraddha wear it and puts the sindoor on her forehead.

Anjali and Shraddha goes to meet Dadaji. Dadaji tells them that just seeing his granddaughter’s marriage was not enough for him so he fight with god for his life to witness his granddaughter’s marriage life and asks about Shlok.

Anjali without answering his question asks him to take rest. Dadaji says Dadi didn’t not teach her to answer directly and asks Shraddha about Dhruv? Shraddha hesitates to say anything.

Shlok asks why Dhruv can’t meet Dadaji just for 2minutes. Dhruv says it was fake marriage not real one so why should he meet Dadaji and why everyone not understanding him that he did everything just to fulfillDadaji’s last wish, it was just a drama nothing else. Other side, Shraddha tells Dadaji that Dhruv went to pay hospital bills.

Dadaji praises Dhruv and says Dhruv will take care Shraddha very well for life long and asks her how she will take Dhruv’s name because it’s one of the post marriage ritual and he wish to hear from her. Dhruv requests Shlok to understand him and says Shraddha is not his wife in fact she is nothing to him.

Shraddha takes Dhruv’s name in between beautiful shayari. Dadaji impresses and Anjali shocks hearing Shraddha and thinks does Shraddha loves Dhruv.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi asks Rekha to start the new relation and says Shraddha will change Dhruv’s destiny for sure. Rekha says Dadi became mad that’s why she is talking nonsense. Shraddha tells Anjali that no one can separate them and now their in laws too same, Anjali smiles hearing her. Dhruv tells Rekha that his marriage is biggest truth of his life. Rekha says she won’t let Shraddha spoil his life and carrier. Shlok warns Rekha that if she didn’t allowed Dhruv to do what he wants then he won’t bring Anjali to their house and he too will leave the house. Rekha asks Dadi to not connect Shraddha’s name with Dhruv.