Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 7th February 2020 Written Update: Dadi gives Anjali’s mother letter to Anjali

Episode begins with Shlok thanks Rekha for apologizing to Dadi. She says for Shlok she can do anything. He tells her that he have a surprise for her and takes her downstairs. Dhruv waits for Rekha in dinning table with her favorite dishes. Rekha gets surprised seeing that. On the other side, Dadi gives Anjali’s mother letter to Anjali and says her asks to give it to her when she comes to marriage age. Shraddha and Anjali gets emotional seeing that letter. Dadaji and Vikas sees each other. Anjali reads the letter, in that letter her mother asks her to listen Vikas thinking it’s her mother’s decision and says she just wanna see them happy. Dadi recalls how she wrote that letter so Anjali can agree to marry Shlok and thinks she did for Anjali ‘s happiness. Dadaji prepares how to welcome the guests and does rehearsal. Dadi sees him talking alone. He tells her tomorrow Shlok’s family coming and they groom side so he asks her to talk respectfully with them. After taunting him Dadi goes from there.

Anjali while smoking thinks about her mother’s letter. Shraddha comes there and takes the cigarette from Anjali and throws it, and says it’s not needed now because she got their mother’s blessings to marry Shlok. She tells Anjali to leave smoking too with stress. Anjali says she is not understanding the letter thing because she knows how Dadi reacted whenever they asked about her mother but suddenly she herself gave the letter of her mother. And thinks what would have happened between her mother and Dadi.

Dadi tells Vikas that in Anjali’s marriage no one should should take Anjali’s mother name and no one should come from Anjali’s mother family too. Shraddha asks Anjali to not think much and says she brought bridal magazine to choose perfect color and design for Anjali. She suggests her to pick yellow color. On the other side Dhruv asks Shlok to pick golden and blue color. Shlok’s father informs them that their Namratamami is here. They reaches downstairs. Namrata says now she will take care of all preparations because she have many experience in marriage. Shlok request Rekha to not say anything in Anjali’s house. Rekha says that’s why she called Namrata so she can take care of everything. Shlok’s father have to go to temple tomorrow so he can’t go with them to Anjali’s house tomorrow.

Namrata praises Rekha’s plan of sending  Shlok’s father to temple so he can’t able to come with them to Anjali’s house. Rekha says Namrata to do what she have to do tomorrow. Namrata says Rekha need not to worry everything will happen the way Rekha wants. Rekha says it’s her son Shlok’s marriage and it should be grand wedding.

Dadi asks Vikas how much they can spend Anjali’s marriage according to their budget. Vikas says they can spend 15-20 lakhs for Anjali’s marriage because after that they have to do Shraddha’s marriage too.

Namrata says at least 1 crore should be spend by Anjali’s family for grand wedding.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anjali tells Shlok doesn’t know the real Anjali and shows the cigarette pocket to him and tells him that she is a smoker. Dadi tells Rekha they can spend 20 lakhs for Anjali’s marriage.