Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jao 24th March 2020 Written Update: Shraddha ignores Dhruv

Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jao 24th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sunderlal reaches pradhan house but leaves from there thinking it’s already late they must be sleeping now. Those ladies warns Shraddha to leave the city otherwise she can’t even imagine what will happen with her family. And the goons leaves from back door after hitting everyone.

Anjali doesn’t feels good and thinks Shlok is still angry on her that’s why he didn’t come back. She calls Shraddha, Shraddha attends the call but doesn’t able to speak anything.

Anjali assumes that Shraddha in deep sleep and cuts the call and thinks she is alone that’s why she is getting negative vibes and calls Shlok but he doesn’t attends her call. Rekha thinks why still no siren sound is heard.

Shraddha tries to wake her family and notices movement in Dadi.Dadi asks about Dadaji and Vikas with so much difficulty.

Shraddha shows them to Dadi and ties cloth on Dadi and Vikas head to stop the bleeding. Dadi asks Shraddha to call police, Shraddha calls them and informs about the situation. Dadi asks Shraddha to stay strong, everything will be alright. Rekha hears police siren sound and gets happy.

Dhruv shocks seeing ambulance outside pradhan house and informs that to his family members. Jhawar’s reaches pradhan house and gets worried seeing the condition. Rekha shocks seeing blood everywhere and gets worried.

Dhruv sees that one nurse treating Shraddha and thinks she called to ask help and regrets for not attending her call. Rekha thinks she just wanted to scare pradhan’s but didn’t thought these all will happen and cries thinking what she will do if anything happens to them. Shraddha keep blabbering that Dhruv didn’t attend her call. Dhruv hears that.

Police asks Shraddha to give statement but in shock Shraddha was keep blabbering and Police doesn’t understands anything. Later Shraddha comes to sense and gives the statement. Sunderlal asks Rekha to handle everything here.

Everyone leaves for hospital except Rekha and Namrata. Shraddha gets call from Anjali before she say anything her mobile switched off. Dhruv gives his mobile to her but she ignores him, he apologize to her for not attending her call. Shraddha asks wardboy to give his mobile and calls Anjali and tells everything to her.

Anjali asks Shraddha to stay strong, she and Shlok will reach soon. Shlok consoles the crying Anjali. Namrata says police won’t leave the one who is behind all this. Rekha asks her to stay silent. Doctors starts to treat pradhan’s. Sunderlal consoles Shraddha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Doctor says Dadi and Vikas condition is critical. Anjali shocks hearing that. One of the goon lady calls Rekha and tells the money Rekha gave them is in pradhan’s house only now.