Dalljiet Kaur: I was surprised to see that people loved me in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

Actor Dalljiet Kaur, who is currently locked up in the Bigg Boss house, hit headlines a few years back because of her separation and divorce from actor Shaleen Bhanot. In fact, she has even gone on record saying that she was depressed in the days following the split. However, it seems that the actor has turned her life around and says that she is a very happy space. “I am very proud to say this today that if I would have done Bigg Boss two years ago, it would have been really different. But now, as I am saying it again and again, I am genuinely in a happy phase of my life. I hope that people see the strength in me,” she says.


However, her stay in the house might be more challenging than it seems as she is leaving her son, Jaydon, outside. “I will miss Jaydon of course. Any mother would have missed her child. I hope people see the mother in me, the strength in me, the happy me,” she says.


There were rumours that the makers of the show wanted to have Shaleen in it as well, however, Dalljiet refused to be part of it, if that was the case. Dalljiet, however, refutes these reports. “I don’t think I am that big in the industry that I can put such conditions in front of producers. I feel that Shaleen and I are very good individuals. He meets Jaydon once in a while and we are in a good place as of now. I think he is doing a show already. He is in a happy state himself and I am literally nobody to make any statement on his life, that’s not fair and I feel I am not an individual who will do that. We are just happy where we are. Everything else is completely his choice. I genuinely wish him happiness,” she says, adding, “Shaleen and I are absolutely cordial now, we created a beautiful soul called Jaydon. I am raising him and he is a part of it on and off and that’s about it. He is happy in his life and I am very happy in mine and its lovely to co-exist like that.”

In fact, Dalljiet urges her fans to know her for her work, and not her personal life. “I have done so much work that my claim to fame shouldn’t be my personal life. I hope people see me for the work that I do. I got good comments for Antara, it was the first time I did a negative role and it has become a hit. So, I am hoping that as an artist, I have put in so much effort and people see me as an evolved actor,” she says.


In the house, Jaydon will be missed the most, says Dalljiet. “I am still not able to sink in the fact that I am going to be away. The morning when I was leaving, I woke up and was giving him a glass of milk which I do normally every day and my hands were literally shivering thinking about how I will get along without him. I have made a lot of videos for him so that if he misses me he can watch it. For me I’m taking his photographs,” she says.