Deepa to leave Karthik’s house: Kartika Deepam

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Maa TV popular show Karthika Deepam serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Karthik leaves after warning Deepa to not raise his temper. Soundarya goes to Karthik and tells him it’s best to reveal the truth to Deepa before she is taking any wrong decision. Karthik says Deepa is becoming stubborn these days so she stopped believing me so she may not believe me and after seeing her today’s behaviour she won’t trust Bharathi too and he asks his Mom to tell truth to Deepa. Soundarya says she loved her like a mother so she can’t tell her that she can’t live long but it’s your responsibility to tell her as her husband so she may take care of her health thinking kids future. Karthik asks why can’t she help him. Soundarya says it’s good if you guys resolve it that’s why I’m going somewhere with your Dad for sometime so take care of your wife and house. Karthik looks on. Karthik thinks to reveal truth to Deepa with Bharati help and he falls Bharati to his hospital. Deepa packs her bag.

In the upcoming episode viewers will witness that Sourya and Hima will search whole house for Deepa but they couldn’t found her than they goes to Shravya, Aditya and informs them that their Mom is not at home. They gets shocked knowing it. Deepa feels hurt with Karthik behaviour and returns to Sriram Nagar basti in auto and she asks Varanasi to know who needs her lunch boxes. Varanasi agrees. Sarojini Akka tells her she never expected her return to their basti. Deepa says some life’s won’t change and she goes to her home. Kids hugs Karthik in tears and informs him about Deepa disappearance.

How Karthik will react after founding Deepa at Sriram Nagar basti? Can Deepa found about her health condition?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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