Delhi Girl Monica Chaudhary debuts with Apharan

Born and brought up in Delhi, pretty theatre actor Monica Chaudhary is debuting with Alt Balaji’s new web-series Apharan. She plays Anusha the daughter of a business tycoon. Her role is that if a girl who is upset and under confident about her life.
Monica says,”I am playing the character of Anusha whose father is a owner of three sugar mills and always paranoid that his daughter will get kidnapped. So she herself will be involved in a plan of her kidnapping along with Arunodoy Singh and Mahi Gill.” Speaking on the whole experience of shooting which took place in Rishikesh, Haridwar
Monica shares,”The experience is enriching and learning. This is my debut in digital space. Before this I have just done a popular commercial campaign, this is my first brush in acting in front of the camera. Our director Siddharth Sengupta is a pleasure to work with him. He has almost adopted me! My co actors Arunodoy Singh is extremely helpful and actually helped me out in one scene where I was stuck. He encouraged me saying that I have done theatre for four years so what keeps me stopping. Varun Badola who is acting in the show and also has written dialogues in the series guided me and taught me the dialect of UP. Nidhi Singh who has done Permanent Roommates – am a big fan of hers and we have become good friends now. With Mahi Gill I have only one scene but she is also extremey coordial.”
Speaking on the format of webseries and the bold content Monica says,”For an artist it is the best platform when a writer and the cast has no barrier. It has become popular medium because of its geniuness and reality factors. I am happy and fortunate to have a part of this. Looking forward to work on this format more in near future.”