Devika and Dheeraj to bring Anupama, Anuj close: Anupama

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High voltage drama in Anupama. Anupama will try to win back Anuj.

In today’s episode, Anuj share with Dheeraj that he doesn’t understand why he wants to change Anupama when he loved her the way she is. He share with Dheeraj and says he doesn’t want to hurt Anupama but he is ending up doing the same. He regrets his action towards Anupama. Anupama feels guilty. Dheeraj asks Anuj to stop correcting Anupama and start accepting the way she is. He makes Anuj understand that Anupama can’t get tough with Shahs post spending 26 years with them. Dheeraj asks Anuj to not let go Anupama else he will end up being alone like him. Anuj gets shocked learning Dheeraj’s wife Priyanka is no more.

Anuj asks Dheeraj why he didn’t told about Priyanka earlier. Dheeraj tells his back story about losing Priyanka because of his ego. He regrets listening to ego over heart. Dheeraj asks Anuj not to make a mistake like him.

Elsewhere, Kavya share with Vanraj about her first shooting experience. She share with him and says the cast and crew is supporting and director too. Vanraj asks Kavya why she wasn’t receiving his call. Kavya says she was busy in her shoot. Vanraj says if she was so busy to give him a reply. Kavya says he too used to ignore him when he used to be in meeting. Vanraj says meeting is different from shooting. Kavya says both are professional. Vanraj asks Kavya who came to drop her. Kavya says crew member. Vanraj asks why she didn’t call him. Kavya ignores Vanraj.

In the upcoming episode, Anupama will vow to win back Anuj. Will she able to gain Anuj’s trust? Keep watching the show for more entertainment.