Dhadkan 25th February 2022 Written Update: Dimple goes through the surgery!

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Episode begins with Dimple’s surgery where she is warned about her surgery and the pain. Ansari is by her side to give her strength. Dimple cries out of pain. Ansari holds her hand. Dimple says I can’t take it. Deepika tells PC about how she is going for 6 months only just for a change. PC says I should have known this from you, it was so embarassing. Deepika says sorry, you didn’t deserve this, I was fearing your disappointment. PC says I fought for you what you deserve you are head of ER, what you really wanted. Deepika is surprised. PC says are you leaving due to Vikrant? Deepika says it’s not only Vikrant, he is a reason. PC says Vikrant is not here. Deepika says be is one of the reason the other reason is I think I want to do this, like my dream. PC says everyone has a dream but I have a dream for you, I didn’t marry because I thought my patients needed me more, I am telling you this because I think you deserve big things. PC says becoming head is a big step for you, you have given the male centric system of this country a question, I think I was wrong, I want to train you here for something you deserve but decision is yours. Deepika feels confused.

Ansari comes to Dimple and says her charts looks good and she is very strong. Dimple tells Ansari, I left you for a reason, you told me about the slum clinic and you go back to that same place I want to go out of it and never wanted to go into it, I am not for you, I am very selfish, you are very selfless. Ansari looks at her crying. Dimples says I pray the best for you always. Ansari says you will become a very nice mother. They both get emotional.

Sia scolds everyone how no one did their duties. They start blaming each other, when Ansari comes and says you should have kept some kind of surprise. Ansari says I already told cafe person to save food for us, but money you will give, this much I deserve. They all smile. Deepika comes to her cabin and sees messages. She calls Nikhil and says I can’t join your team as I got the opportunity to become chief of ER, I am sorry. Nikhil says no need of saying sorry, you are doing what is taking you closer to your dreams. Deepika says thanks for understanding. Nurses congratulates Deepika for her promotion. Deepika sees residents together so she asks them where are they going? Ansari says for my farewell we are going to cafeteria. Deepika says we can do double celebration, my promotion as well. They all say yes. Deepika says I have wonderful idea to celebrate. They all go to bar for drinks and celebration. Sia is in the car trying to zip her dress but is unable to. She geets out of car and someone sees her from far and smiles. That someone zips her dress and goes from behind, Sia misses to see him.

Everyone cheers and share their dreams and goals. Everyone is shocked seeing Sia in so sexy look. Everyone compliments Sia while Abhay and Ansari look at her. Everyone cheers for Ansari. They all praise each other and promise to stay in touch.

Abhay says I want to share some news with you all too, everyone is drunk so I don’t know if it’s right time or not. Everyone cheers. Abhay says it’s so good to see Ansari and Deepika follow their dreams and they are getting closer to it with thia step today, I am sorry Deepika our dreams are not aligned, I am also leaving FMS to join my dad to learn from him and make the organisation bigger. Everyone get more sad but cheers. They all dance. Sia is offered dance by someone and is unable to see his face. They dance together closely. Deepika says I am leaving for some work. Deepika pays the bill and goes. Esha and Peroz discuss about Sia and that stranger’s chemistry. Esha taunts Peroz about he not figuring out his first step.

Here, Sia learns from the stranger that he only helped her in the parking lot. Sia sees his face. Deepika meets Nikhil in the parking lot. Nikhil says drinking and driving is not allowed. Deepika says are you real? Are you not angry on me? Nikhil says I am real, I came here to make you guilt free. Here, Sia kisses the guy and they both see each other. Sia moves away. Deepika says to Nikhil, I am not drunk, I am just giving you time. They both go in Nikhil’s car.

Next day, Deepika comes to hospital while Sia greets her as bos lady. Deepika asks her how she doesn’t have any hangover. Sia says I don’t know. Sia says you are my inspiration. PC gives Deepika some tips and guides her through the responsibilities of HOD. Deepika says it’s a lot. PC says you can do it don’t worry. Peroz and Sia discuss about how it all fell like a dream. Peroz says it’s all so prompt. Sia says so you are so judgemental so you tell me about your private session with Esha. Peroz stumbles. Deepika works all the paper work while she gets a video call from Nikhil. Nikhil says your face is like hangover, but you look better than yesterday night. Deepika says what happened? Please tell me. Nikhil says I didn’t see anything as romance but it did seem bit romantic, it will be bette if you don’t know about yesterday. Nikhil says chill I am just joking. Deepika and Nikhil smile.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepika works in hectic schedule with surgeries and budget.