Dhadkan 3rd February 2022 Written Update: Sia faces a challenge!

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Episode begins with Vikrant saying I never want you to face trouble because of me anywhere especially in the hospital. Deepika says let’s not talk about this today. Vikrant says you are right. Deepika says let’s forget who we are and we work in the same hospital, I want to relive in college days, it feels so amazing, we were together without worrying about what others thought. Vikrant says I am ready to do anything for you Deepika, I am here with yoh forever. Deepika says think again, are you sure? Vikrant says I was misguided but now I am sure of it. Deepika says for next 1 hour you have to do what I say. Vikrant says I am ready to do what you say for the rest of the life. Deepika feels sad and teary eyes.

Here, Peroz worries and shares with Esha how can he not marry a vegetarian as his family is a proper non vegetarian. Peroz is about to call and reject Divya when Esha says not to do this on call and do face to face. Here, Madhvi tie feels pain and Abhay sees her wound. Abhay asks her to get admitted as the wound seems serious. Madhvi tai lies about she fell off the stairs. Abhay makes her do x-ray, and finds out she has fracture and also has an old fracture. Madhvi tai says I fell before too. Abhay says if you need any kind of help from myself, I am here. Madhvi says it’s not like that. Abhay says I will need to go home to my husband, he will worry. Abhay says let me talk to him. Madhvi says please don’t. Abhay says okay.

Here, Sia comes to Peroz asking what he wanted to talk about? Peroz everything is fine, he wanted to ask her why is she taking Ansari’s shit. Sia says Abhay told you right? Well,he is doing something good for the society so I am helping him and I don’t want to take advice from Abhay. Peroz says atleast you will listen to me? Sia says no because your opinion is biased by Abhay and you are judging me and Ansari. Sia goes. Ansari is researching on something.

Here, Deepika asks Vikrant to go back to his family. Deepika says please go back to your wife. Ansari shows a letter to Sia, Sia opens it and says this is a mutual investment for an NGO for my clinic for 5 years. Ansari says so it has a 5 years lock in period that means you can’t take out money before? To become rich you have to be so smart, see you can’t give me money from here your dad played well. Sia says what are you saying? Ansari says see you can’t enjoy this money on you for 5 years only, you couldn’t keeo your promise. Sia says I never promised, I told I will try which I did. Ansari says you won’t understand as you were dad’s princess and got whatever you wanted so how will you understand. Ansari makes Sia feel guilt so Sia feels guilty. Ansari goes. Abhay comes but Sia makes him go away.

Vikrant asks are you sure? Deepika says you left Aditi but she couldn’t leave you, you are hurt for what happened to Pari. Vikrant says I didn’t wish to hide about Pari from you trust me. Deepika says it’s not easy to forget something like this for a women, it’s not Aditi’s fault and you are just running away from it, don’t feel like this. Vikrant says you shouldn’t comment on what should I feel and whom should I be with? Deepika says Aditi gave you 10 years and you need to give her time, you can’t say if she should move on. Vikrant says I took a very difficult decision to leave Aditi and stay with you, please don’t ask this from me, I will do everything else. Deepika says I don’t want to be the person who has destroyed everything of a couple and snatched a man from a wife who came to me begging for her happiness, please don’t make me this person. Vikrant says please don’t do this. Deepika goes and says maybe we are not meant to be together, please be safe. Vikrant hugs her and says please I am yours, we are together, don’t push me. Deepika says it can’t happen, it’s all over. Vikrant says I am not a toy that Aditi and you will play with me. Deepika says it’s over. Deepika shuts the door on Vikrant’s face. Deepika cries.

Here, Aditi hears bell and she opens the door and is happy to see Vikrant. Aditi says you came back? Vikrant pushes her and says you played so well, you couldn’t convince me so you took Deepika to your side. Aditi says you were not listening to me so I had to talk to Deepika, I am so happy she listened to me. Vikrant says why are you torchering me? Aditi says it’s not like that, I just need a husband. Vikrant says I am here but only my body, I am dying from inside, you will have my name and show everyone you are with me but I won’t be happy, we will stay together till the time one of us doesn’t die. Aditi cries. Vikrant goes. Here, Sia is seeing her clinic model when her dad comes and says he feels happy to see her seeing her dreams. Sia says why can’t I support someone else’s dream? Like Ansari. He asks does Ansari support your dreams? Sia says I want to become plastic surgeon but he wants to help people genuinely. Here, Ansari’s friends comment on Sia that she is like a beautician, and what kind of richness is this. Ansari says write on her posts only this all. They say we fear what if she feels bad. Ansari says you are not that famous she will feel bad, so comment. They start making fun of Sia and her work as a plastic surgeon. They all laugh. Sia tells her dad that her dreams are not big it’s superficial but her dad says it’s not like that, her dreams are as important and it also changes lives of people just be dedicated it’s important. Sia says you promised me that you will donate for NGO. He says you just told me few hours back I have already asked my assistant to start searching for the right NGO. He asks if she has started doubting him too. Sia says no it’s not so. They hug.

Abhay asks Madhvi to rest as she feels dizzy. Abhay tries to convince her to think of what’s better for her. Madhvi says I have left thinking about me from a long time, I have always thought about others and their needs, all my relatives and child. She gets emotional. Abhay says just think of yourself today and I will take care of you. Abhay makes her lie down. Later, Deepika comes and sees him sleeping, she tries to wake him but he keeps on sleeping. Deepika sees Madhvi and asks what happened? Madhvi says I don’t want treatment from you, Abhay is treating me. Deepika reads Madhvi’s chart and tells nurse Abhay is doing right. Deepika takes Roma’s case and Roma says I need the tests to done early as I have kids. Deepika thinks to make the tests hurry up and learns Aditi is incharge and feels tired of hearing same name but writes a request.

Here, Vikrant and Aditi come, Aditi tries to strike conversation with him but Vikrant ignores her and asks nurse to call Deepika to his cabin. Aditi goes to Deepika scolds her for telling the truth and playing double game. Deepika says I did what was right and for you or else. Deepika asks Aditi to keep the drama to themselves and goes. Here, Abhay tries to make Madhvi talk about her husband. Here, Deepika comes to Vikrant and Deepika tries to tell Vikrant as it’s already difficult we should stay away as far as possible, as whatever we had we need to forget. Vikrant says you will be able to forget it? Deepika says it will be difficult. Vikrant says I can’t. Deepika says you will have to. Vikrant says you can’t take the decision alone. Vikrant says for so many years we stayed far but we stayed in each other’s mind.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikrant and Deepika have ego issues at work place.

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