Dhadkan 4th February 2022 Written Update: Peroz does a blunder!

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Episode begins with Deepika getting a call from nurse saying Roma is being taken for operation. So she is about to leave when Vikrant stops her but Deepika leaves. In the locker room, Esha wishes Peroz luck and to keep her posted. Peroz says yes sure. Peroz leaves. Here, Ansari comes and compliments the nurse, Sia is standing there so nurse says you guys look great together, is it true that you guys are together?

Ansari asks Sia to take a selfie and update thier relationship status. Just then Sia sees all the ill comments on her Instagram. Sia says how can people say it and about my dad. Ansari says people do say seeing people with money and prevelidge. Sia gets anxious and angry. Just then a patient comes and Ansari asks Sia to go to cafeteria and chill till that time I am going to see the patient. Sia goes. Aditi gets the sample of a patient and Deepika’s request to perform the tests on urgent basis. Aditi says I won’t take orders. Later, she asks her assistant to do the tests so that if she is a match to their research they will take her. The assistant says last time you remember what happened when we tried to go after Deepika’s patient. Aditi says you don’t worry for that.

Here, Deepika is taken to the cabin by Vikrant. Vikrant asks Deepika to not go away. Deepika says Aditi is the one who has not done any wrong so she shouldn’t be facing any difficulty for our mistakes. Vikrant says then how will we work in the same hospital. Deepika says I don’t have any issue. Vikrant says we won’t keep things away. Deepika says then change your hospital and go back to Delhi with Aditi. Vikrant says I won’t get head position anywhere, you can go and I can arrange recommendations.

Deepika says 10 years back I left my family and everything for you not now, I won’t restart what I built, I thought you have changed but you are still thinking selfishly. Vikrant says I hated the old Vikrant and I really changed please come back to me. Deepika says that can’t happen. Just then Aditi knocks and Deepika leaves the room. Abhay watches this. Aditi comes to Vikrant and asks what was Deepika doing here? Why the door was closed? Vikrant says why are you here? Aditi says I was waiting for you in the canteen for lunch. Vikrant says I will never come and goes. Aditi is angry.

Here, Peroz comes near Divya’s home with a bouquet. Divya and her parents make everything ready for dinner. Peroz keeps the bouquet through a window and leaves. The bouquet is seen by Divya and she reads the letter saying, I know you want to be my life partner but I can’t be sorry. Divya thinks who is this?

In the hospital, Abhay sees Madhvi’s husband who takes rudely saying discharge Madhvi. Abhay asks him to go and handle the paper work. He goes, while Abhay talks to Madhvi if there is any issue. Madhvi says no, nothing like that. Deepika gets the test result and Aditi says this time I will approach this pateint for my research. Deepika says okay. She goes.

In the ER, Ansari takes the work of Sia. Vikrant scolds Sia for being careless. Ansari asks Sia to go home and rest as she is distracted. Sia agrees and goes. Here, Deepika suggests Roma the alternate therapy and tells about Aditi’s methods. Aditi says you are just a show off. Deepika lets Aditi handle Roma’s case and make them go through the process. She leaves.

Esha says such a coward. Peroz says how can I say that I like Divya but I like non veg more, there is no love in my life. Isha asks him not to give up, keep believing, maybe his true love comes searching for him. Ansari updates Deepika about the case. Vikrant says I will do the surgery. Ansari goes. Deepika asks how can you do this. He says its an emergency case, I respect your surgical skills, I think we have robust junior team, I don’t want to waste a senior resource in ER, I m relieving you of duties here. She gets shocked.

She goes crying. She sees the ER and goes out. Abhay goes to her. He asks what happened. She goes to her cabin. He goes after her. He asks why are you crying, tell me. She says Vikrant removed me from ER dept, he snatched my dream. He asks why, did you had any fight with him, he loves you, he took a stand for you. She says I told him that we can never get together, I asked him to return to his wife. He says he is taking revenge on you. She asks did I make a mistake by loving him. He says you said love just happens, will you forgive him now, just because you love him. She says I am tired and exhausted. She leaves.

In the cafe, Peroz and Esha are talking about finding Peroz someone. Esha says you need to correct our mistake and we need to use dating app for you. Peroz says I don’t have time for this, I can get someone in workplace only. Esha sags you can look for doctors in the app. Esha starts making his profile. Here, Aditi sets dinner but Vikrant takes food and goes to eat alone. Aditi also sits beside him. Aditi says I heard you removed Deepika from ER, thank you for removing her involvement for our marriage, I am happy. Vikrant calls Aditi dilusional, it’s not for you but for me, she snatched my dream of her and me staying together so I took away her dreams from her. Aditi says you want to destroy her so that she comes to her? Aditi goes. Esha fills Peroz’s dating site profile while they have fun about what Esha thinks of him.

Roma says I don’t want to get this experimental surgery done, I have two daughters. Her husband asks Aditi not to force them. He asks Deepika to do the operation and remove the tumor. Deepika says I respect your decision, we will try our best, it’s a high risk surgery. Roma says we trust you, you are the best option for me. Dr. Walia says we need to make sure that we put our best foot forward, its better if surgery happens soon. Roma’s daughters come and talk to her. Roma laughs.

Aditi comes to Jamshed and complains about Deepika not letting her take her research ahead. Jamshed says maybe because of your personal things with her as well right? Jamshed says her image is not well so you take care. Aditi says just ask her not to barge into my research like this. Jamshed says okay. Here, Deepika asks Vikrant to give Abhay to her as she needs help. Vikrant says ER is busy so no. He says I have assigned Divya in general. She says I can’t run dept like that, assign Divya in ER. He says your team will work for me. She says you want to make things difficult for me, you want to prove me incapable. They argue.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jamshed says Deepika would have come to you to complain. Chakravorty says Deepika fights her own battle, Aditi should learn this from her. Deepika says I have an issue with Vikrant. Vikrant gets a call. Aditi looks on.

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