Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii: Sia and Ansari to become friends!

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Dhadkan becomes has become a popular show. With, Aditi trying her level best to make things better with Vikrant and comes to the hospital. Now she will cross the limits by joining the FMS hospital to work with Vikrant. It will be interesting to watch, how will the equations be now between Deepika and Vikrant? What turn will this story take?

In the ongoing track Vikrant and Deepika dance around and get close. Vikrant gets a call from Aditi saying she came to Mumbai to surprise him. Vikrant worries and gets nervous. In the hospital, nurse shares with Deepika how Vikrant seem unwell. Deepika goes to Vikrant and says I didn’t know you have a patient. Aditi turns and says I am Aditi, his wife. Deepika gets shocked. Vikrant assures Deepika that he will get rid of Aditi. Here, Sia and Ansari handle a case together while Peroz and Esha debate over if love is real or not. Later, Sia sees a completely different side of Ansari. Sia takes Ansari on a treat. Vikrant talks to lawyer about his divorce but Aditi decides to stay in Mumbai after hearing about the divorce. Deepika is in confusion whether she is on the wrong side to want Vikrant. Abhay gives Deepika support as a friend. Deepika tries to avoid Vikrant whereas Vikrant is upset over Aditi not understanding why they need a divorce. To add on, Aditi joins FMS which shocks Deepika and Vikrant.

In the upcoming episodes, Aditi will invite Deepika over dinner to showcase how she has right on Vikrant. Vikrant will scold Aditi but Deepika will come for dinner.

How will Deepika face this next challenge? Will Sia get to know about Abhay’s love for Deepika? Will Vikrant be able to move on? Keep checking our site to know more.