Dharam Patni: Malhar to make a request to Pratiksha!

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Colors TV’s recently launched show Dharam Patni is a rare love story of a simple sweet school teacher Pratiksha Parekh and a buisness tycoon Ravi Randhawa. Currently we are seeing that Malhar gets scared and abandons Keerti. Ravi and others find Keerti. Ravi feels Keerti’s pulses and takes her to the hospital.

In the previous episode, Malhar sees Keerti and goes to help her. Thakur records video of them. Malhar leaves Keerti as he doesn’t want to land in any problem. Few notice Keerti. One goes inside the venue and informs everyone that a girl wearing white dress is lying on a pool of blood outside.

Pratiksha goes inside to bring Kinjal’s phone cover and sees that Ravi and others are running towards the outdoor. Ravi sees Keerti and hugs her body. Doctor checks Keerti and says that she is no more. Ravi refuses to accept it. Malhar comes there and gets scared seeing the crowd . Pratiksha goes to check what happened there but gets interrupted by Hansa’s call.

Malhar plans to clean his car to destroy any proof. Pratiksha meets him. Pratiksha gives him Hansa’s message. Pratiksha asks him what happened at that spot. Malhar spells accident. Pratiksha goes to check but Malhar stops her. Hansa calls Malhar and asks them to come home. Malhar forcefully makes Pratiksha sit in his car. They learn that someone has died.

Malhar feels safe. Ravi informs everyone that he can feel the pulse of Keerti. Keerti’s father asks doctor to check again. Doctor checks again and agrees with Ravi. Ravi leaves for the hospital with Keerti. Pratiksha mentions about Malhar getting drunk again. Malhar says sorry to Pratiksha.

In the upcoming episode, Keerti is taken to the operation theatre. Her dad orders the police to catch the person who is behind Keerti’s accident immediately and bring infront of him.

Malhar tells Pratiksha that he doesn’t want to get arrested for drinking and driving and requests Pratiksha to drive the car. Pratiksha drives the car. Malhar hides in the back seat behind Pratiksha.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Dharam Patni on Colors TV/Voot app and this space.