Dheere Dheere Se 10th January 2023 Written Update: Bhawana opposes Bhanu’s decision

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The episode starts with Aanchal wonders why she is unable to see Raghav’s car. Just then Raghav arrives there and checks whether someone is watching them or not and informs she find out the mobile but the screen is broken so he gave for repair. Aanchal leaves. Raghav goes inside thinking atleast Bhawana won’t become restless. Aanchal goes to kitchen and hesitates when she notices Malini and Vidya is there too but goes near Bhawana and informs her that her mobile was found.

Bhawana gets happy and prays for Raghav’s happiness. Vidya complains to Malini for the preparation they are making. She then inquires what’s the reason Bhanu calling Vikas over for dinner. Malini says to Vidya that she doesn’t know the reason though. Poonam tells Vikas that Bhanu isn’t a kind of person who can easily invite someone over to his house without expecting some benefit from them especially after what happened today with him and asks Vikas to be more cautious. Vikas agrees with Poonam and decides to find out what is in Bhanu’s mind by meeting him. Bhanu and his brother waits for Vikas.

Bhanu’s brother asks him that he is sure about this decision right. Bhanu writes for his brother is he have any second thought in this matter and the latter says no he is just confirming it. Vikas arrives there. Bhawana serves them food. Vikas inquires Bhanu and his brother the reason behind their invite for him and says he is part of the family too so they don’t have to prepare such foods for him. He then questions whether they planning to kill him poisoning the food. Everyone gets stunned hearing it. Vikas says it’s just a joke nothing else.

Bhanu’s brother tells Vikas that Bhanu and his brother decides to give him the upstairs room which shocks everyone. Vikas gets surprised and shocked. Bhanu’s brother further adds that they are tired of fighting for that room so Bhanu comes to this decision to give him the room as per the law. Vikas asks him what they want in return from him. Bhanu’s brother says that they will renovate the room and he has to pay for it. Vikas says he can do that by himself. Bhanu’s brother explains him the real reason behind their decision to renovate and give the room to him is to get some money. He further adds that outside the rent is too high so it’s better for Vikas too. Vikas thinks about it. He then says that he agrees with their decision. He also reminds them this property belongs to all three brother’s and one of them passed away so says he wants Bhawana’s approval too.

Bhanu writes in a paper their decision is Bhawana’s decision too but Vikas goes to Bhawana and asks her opinion in this matter. Bhawana remains silent. Bhanu further writes it in his notepad his decision is the final decision in every matter in this family. Vikas ignores him and asks Bhawana’s decision. Bhawana tells that she opposes Bhanu’s decision which shocks the Shastri’s. Vikas smirks happily. Bhawana adds that she will never give the room to Vikas which is Deepak’s last memory he left for her and Aanchal. Bhanu gets furious and rings the bell. Poonam enjoys watching this from upstairs.

Bhawana says to Bhanu that it’s been 6 months Deepak passed away and God only knows how she took this family support to stand here. This family is her everything. She also asks Bhanu that he not even once thought of informing about his decision to her. She isn’t asking her rights but want to be a part of this family nothing else. She also then reveals the family members about Deepak was regretting unable to give the upstairs room to Bhawana and Aanchal. He also promised to get back the room at any cost. In Srivastav’s Gaurav takes more snack which makes Brij Mohan and Raghav mocks and advices him. Swati arrives there and inquires Raghav what happened to his health which confuses everyone. Raghav says he is completely fine. Swati questions then why he did went to hospital. Raghav gets shocked. Savita gets worried and asks him what happened. Brij Mohan questions the reason behind him visiting the hospital.

Raghav lies he went to meet his friend who works as a doctor there. Swati gets upset once again Raghav outsmarted her. She then takes his car keys then leaves the place. In Shastri’s house Bhawana tells Vikas because of him only Deepak unable to fulfill his wish. She then pleads with Bhanu to not to misunderstand that she is being stubborn. She also says the upstairs room belongs to them so no needs to convince Vikas for compromising. She further adds that they will win the case for sure. Vikas taunts Bhanu and Bhawana then leaves the place. Bhawana asks Bhanu to not to worry about arranging money because they will find a solution and says she has some jewellery too. Bhanu signs at her to stop then looks on furiously.

Precap: Raghav shows Bhawana her phone from his balcony. Malini calls out Bhawana and asks to give her mobile. Bhawana gets worried. Aanchal becomes helpless when Malini questions her about Bhawana’s phone and goes upstairs to find Bhawana. Raghav throws the phone to Bhawana. Bhawana catches it. Malini comes there and looks on.

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