Dheere Dheere Se 12th January 2023 Written Update: Bhawana worries about her phone

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The episode starts with Malini taunts Bhawana then asks her to agree with selling upstairs room to get Bhanu’s forgiveness. Vidya arrives there and instigates Malini against Bhawana. Bhanu leaves without having food and Bhawana pleads with him not to do this. Malini shouts at her to stop this drama. She then warns Bhawana to not to cook for Bhanu hereafter then goes inside. Abhishek and Jagjivan gets upset.

In the hospital Swati thinks herself that she came here all the way to find out the truth so she won’t accept her defeat. Will do everything in her power to learn for whom Raghav paid the bills. Just then Swati sees the nurse shift is changing. She decides to use this opportunity but recalls what happened with the previous nurse so decides to choose some other way to learn the truth. Swati then goes to the nurse and acts and says that she and her brother in law come to the hospital yesterday and she forget her bag here which has cash and jewellery so asks her to show her a CCTV footage or else she won’t have any other option but to file a complaint. The nurse agrees to check the footage which makes Swati happy.

Other side Amit praises Vidya for her interruption because of which Bhawana didn’t changed her mind. He also asks her to act smart this way. Vidya gets happy. Aarushi arrives there. Amit asks Vidya and Aarushi what they want as he is going out. Aarushi asks latest airpods in return Amit asks her to study which Aarushi agrees. Vidya asks Amit to but carrot and she will make Halwa. Amit agrees. Aarushi sees Aanchal is walking past their room so she praises Amit being the best father and hugs him. Aanchal gets hurt and wipes away the fallen tear then leaves. Aarushi smirks. Vidya feels lonely and hope’s one day this will change.

In the kitchen Bhawana is cooking. She hopes to get her phone and insurance money soon. And hope’s using that money Abhishek’s marriage can take place peacefully. Other side the nurse informs Swati there is no such footage of the particular time in which it’s shown that her bag is missing. Swati acts and asks how it’s possible. The nurse receives a call so she turns the screen to Swati to let her see the footage on her own. Swati sees Raghav is the one who paid the bills. She wonders for whom and asks the nurse to show a few more minutes of the video. The nurse refuses and asks her to take permission from the management which upsets Swati. Swati scolds the nurse’s for their behavior then leaves.

Raghav is in a mobile shop gets relived finding Bhawana’s mobile is repaired. He then receives a call from someone so gets busy talking to that person while the shop owner switches on the phone. Amit comes to the shop to buy airpods. He decides to ask Aarushi’s opinion so calls Vidya when she doesn’t answer it he calls Bhawana. The phone near him starts ringing. Raghav notices Amit so before he finds Bhawana’s phone he takes it in his hand and pretends to talk to that person. He then pays for the mobile then leaves. Swati makes sweater for Gaurav and tells him whatever she is doing is only for his goodness. Gaurav talks to her loving way. Swati gets happy.

Malini asks Bhawana to not to put the wet clothes on direct sun light because last time one of her saree got spoiled because of her and looked like her saree. Bhawana gives a befitting reply then goes upstairs. Malini gets angry. Raghav comes to the balcony. Bhawana gets happy seeing her phone in his hand. Malini calls out Bhawana to give her phone. She also sends Aanchal upstairs to bring Bhawana’s phone as she wants to make a call. Aanchal gets worried but obliges. Meanwhile Bhawana gets anxious wondering how to get her phone. Raghav goes inside his house and asks Swati to cook something for him so Swati goes inside. He uses the opportunity to take the thread which Swati using to make sweater and goes upstairs. Bhawana asks Aanchal to not to worry they will do something to manage the situation.

Aanchal comes downstairs. Malini gets angry seeing phone isn’t in Aanchal’s hand. She taunts Aanchal and Bhawana and decides to go to upstairs on her own. Aanchal gets worried. Meanwhile Raghav throws a thread ball to Bhawana who catches it. With the help of it Raghav sends Bhawana’s mobile to her. Bhawana gets her mobile. Just then Malini arrives there so Bhawana lies to her. Other side when Swati fails to find her thread Raghav says it must be Aarav who took it with him which leads Swati to decides to scold Aarav.

Raghav feels guilty. Swati gets an idea and asks Raghav to take her to hospital as she isn’t feeling well. Raghav agrees but in return asks her to not to scold Aarav. Swati agrees and thinks herself that Raghav should care about himself not Aarav. Malini talks to Meera’s mother using Bhawana’s phone and gets annoyed getting continuous calls in the second line. After ending the call Malini expresses her displeasure to Bhawana then questions who is PS calling her numerous times. Bhawana gets worried and looks on.

Precap: Bhawana reaches the police station. The man one who deceived her is behind the bar. The officer suggests Bhawana to slap him but Bhawana refuses. Raghav arrives there and makes her realise the importance of her insurance money. Bhawana goes to the man and the latter stares at her with a smirk.

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