Dheere Dheere Se 13th January 2023 Written Update: Aanchal praises Raghav

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The episode starts with Malini asks Bhawana is PS is Aanchal’s friend? Bhawana says yes. Malini then receives a call from someone so she leaves the place. Bhawana again gets a call from Police station and the officer informs her that they caught the one who stole her money. Bhawana asks is he sure because the last time they caught someone else.

The officer says it’s because they didn’t get the CCTV footage from the bank but now they get it so with the help of it they caught that man and asks Bhawana to visit the station for formalities. Bhawana agrees. Aanchal comes there and praises Raghav for helping them also calls him a good soul. Bhawana tells her good people always do these all. Other side Aarav says to Swati that he didn’t took her thread ball with him. Swati let him go and recalls Raghav’s words and wonders what’s happening because she is getting a real head ache now. Later Bhanu is about to enter the house but get stuck because of the thread ball. Malini Vidya scolds the Srivastav’s for troubling them.

Bhawana worries about the consequences if any one from both the families get to know about the truth. Devraj informs the Shastri’s thread ball doesn’t belongs to them. Bhawana tells Malini it’s her’s. Vidya instigates Malini against Bhawana saying that she bought an expensive thread ball. Malini taunts Bhawana. Swati who is watching everything from the balcony realises it’s her thread ball and wonders why Bhawana is lying. Bhawana thinks herself that she don’t know how many lies she has to tell then goes inside.

Bhawana looks at Deepak’s photo in her phone. She tells him that cops caught the man who stole money from her and this time she is hopeful she will get back her money soon. The FB shows in which Deepak inquires Bhawana for her looking so happy and the latter informs him that she found out her anklet which she thought lost it also explains him the happiness of finding the lost things are something else.

The FB ends. Bhawana gets sad and wishes just like her phone which she lost she hope Deepak also returns to her. She then hope’s she gets her insurance money so that she can able to help family members problems also. Other side Brij Mohan scolds Savita when he sees her holding a bangle which she brought for Raghav’s wife. They both talks about Raghav’s wife. Brij Mohan then suggests Savita to give the bangles to Swati but Savita refuses and tells Brij Mohan that after Raghav divorce his wife she is sure he will get his life partner who will love and respect him which he deserves it. She also tells him about keeping fast for the same.

Swati who arrives there with a mug of water overhears their conversation and gets determined to do something to Raghav leave the house forever. Raghav goes to Mr.Bakshi’s opponent and introduces himself as his lawyer and gives him the stay order stating Bakshi wants to open a school for underprivileged kids so asks that man to leave this place and threatens him with the consequences then leaves. The man asks his men to collect Raghav’s information.

The next day Bhawana is busy cooking food in the kitchen. She looks at the clock and worries how to go to police station on time and what to tell the family members. Abhishek arrives there. Bhawana tells him that she don’t need his help and asks him to go and take care of Meera. Abhishek hugs her from behind then leaves the place. Other side Raghav enters the hospital and gets nervous. Swati hides her smile and asks him what happened.

Raghav says nothing. Swati asks him his friend is working there only right. Raghav questions her how she knows as he didn’t mentioned the hospital name. Swati lies it’s Aarav who told her. Raghav the receives a call so he leaves the place. Swati goes to the reception and the nurse asks is the lady one who is with Raghav is recovered now. Swati gets happy and tries to persuade the nurse to get the name of the lady but the nurse says she forget her name and gets busy on her work. Other side Bhawana serves everyone the tea and snacks.

Meera’s family is there to fix the engagement and marriage date. The priest informs they have to conduct the wedding in ten days or else they have to wait for years. Both Abhishek and Meera informs their family they are willing to wait. Meanwhile Raghav gets happy learning the one who stole Bhawana’s money get caught. Malini informs it’s not right to postpone the marriage that long so agrees to conduct the wedding in ten days which Manohar also agrees. They all looks happy. Bhawana worries how she is going to reach the station on time.

Precap: Bhawana visits the police station but refuses to punish her culprit even after the officer suggests her to do it. Raghav arrives there and reminds her the importance of her insurance money. Bhawana approaches the man with determination.

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