Dheere Dheere Se 18th January 2023 Written Update: Raghav learns Brij Mohan’s evil plan against the Shastri’s

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The episode starts with Aanchal tells Vikas is getting help from Brij Mohan so she don’t think they will win this case. Bhawana tells Aanchal it’s Deepak’s dream to get the upstairs room. When she was born Deepak promised to her they will do get their upstairs room and spend the entire life there. With that hope only they stayed in the store room and it become their room. Other side Raghav Gaurav and Brij Mohan is in the office. Vikas arrives there and greets them. Brij Mohan asks Verma to bring coffee for Vikas which upsets the latter but he leaves the place to do what he is asked to. Vikas shares his worry about winning the case but Brij Mohan assures him not to worry. Vikas thanks Brij Mohan for not even getting a single penny as a fee and doing all this. Brij Mohan tells his fee relies on defeating Jagjivan. Raghav gets shocked hearing Brij Mohan’s hatred for the Shastri’s.

Brij Mohan instructs Vikas to trouble the Shastri’s as much as he wants also when Vikas reminds him about the hearing date which is in two days the former tells Vikas that Gaurav will be there so asks not to worry about it. Brij Mohan then asks Vikas is there anything he isn’t aware about the Shastri’s. Vikas tells Brij Mohan about Bhanu and Amit wishes to sell the upstairs room as they are financially suffering now. To much to everyone’s surprise Bhawana told that she won’t let that happen. Bhanu was furious but Bhawana refuses to back down from her decision so they should be more aware about her.

Deepak always dreamed till his last breath to get back the room and he left the world. She then asks Aanchal don’t she think they have the responsibility to fulfill her late father’s wish? She further adds that Deepak will be happy to see his daughter Aanchal in the upstairs room. Bhawana also says to Aanchal the decision is in her hand whatever she says she will oblige. Aancha apologises to Bhawana for reacting the way and says it’s all because of Bhanu who always snatching their every rights. She also adds that she is willing to stay wherever she wants them to until they win the case and get their upstairs room. She then asks Bhawana they will win the case right? Bhawana promises to win the case. The light arrives which makes Bhawana and Aanchal smile at one another hopefully.

Brij Mohan sends Vikas out after assuring him that they will win the case. He then asks Gaurav to leave all the works on the hearing day and make sure to postpone hearing, he wants that to happen until the Shastri’s gets ruined. Raghav feels bad for Bhawana thinking the latter isn’t aware about all of this. Other side Aanchal shows a dream catcher to Bhawana and says it will fulfill their dreams. She further asks when they have to shift their things.

Bhawana says to Aanchal one the engagement date is fixed they have to shift their things. She also tells Aanchal to focus on her studies and she will do all the works. Raghav Gaurav and Brij Mohan is in the balcony. Raghav tells Brij Mohan that the Shastri’s aren’t worth for his hatred so let it go. Gaurav gets tensed and worried but Raghav continues saying no matter what the Shastri’s can’t able to reach their level so why he is putting this much efforts to do all this and requests him to put an end to this. Brij Mohan tells Raghav that he may be right but he won’t back away until he sees Jagjivan’s defeat then leaves the place.

The next day the advocate refuses to defend for Bhawana because he didn’t received his pay yet. Bhawana tries to convince him but fails so she decides to talk to Bhanu and get money from him for both Aanchal’s school trip also lawyer’s fee and goes outside. Bhanu tells the family members that Abhishek and Meera’s engagement is going to take place the next day which makes everyone happy. Malini shares her worry about the time is too short to make all the arrangements.

Amit also agrees with her but Bhanu says to them that Manohar told them he will manage everything so all they have to do is make sure the guests from Manohar’s side are treated well. Everyone nods okay then goes inside. Bhawana thinks herself that Bhanu must have forget about the hearing date and decides to inform him and ask money. Bhanu mocks at her first then asks her the reason for meeting him. Bhawana tells him she wants thirty thousand rupees for lawyer’s fee and Aanchal’s school trip fee. Bhanu gets shocked. He then agrees to give her money which makes Bhawana happy. Bhanu gives her fifteen thousand only and asks her to choose wisely which is her priority then leaves the place. Bhawana looks on shocked.

Precap: Bhanu tells Malini that he gave only fifteen thousand which he is sure Bhawana will use it for Aanchal’s school trip so in the end they can get succeed in their motive to sell the upstairs room and Bhawana will remain their servant for life. Later Bhanu sees Bhawana entering the house and asks where she went. Bhawana tells him that she paid lawyer’s fees using the money he has given to her which shocks Bhanu.

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