Dheere Dheere Se 19th January 2023 Written Update: Gaurav warns Raghav

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The episode starts with Bhanu says to Bhawana he can able to give her only fifteen thousand only. He further adds that they have to choose their priority at one point of life. If she had agreed before to sell Barsati then she wouldn’t be in this situation now. Then advices her to choose her decision wisely then leaves the place. Malini watches this. Other side Raghav is with Aarav while helping the latter with his project. He recalls Vikas and Brij Mohan’s conversation then ruins the project of Aarav. Aarav asks Raghav to concentrate or else he will face the wrath of the teacher.

Raghav apologises to him then focuses on the project. Meanwhile Bhanu is busy in his room. He gets shocked seeing Malini behind him who didn’t made any noise. He asks her not to shock him this way and pull stunt like this after their son gets married. He then asks Malini the reason behind looking upset. Malini asks him what is the need to give Bhawana the fifteen thousand as they are yet to spend so much for Abhishek’s marriage. Bhanu says he have his own reasons. Giving money to Bhawana will earn him a good name also he can take his revenge too.

Malini looks clueless so Bhanu tells her that Bhawana asked him thirty thousand rupees but he gave her fifteen only. He is sure Bhawana will choose Aanchal’s happiness over Barsati. Giving her money will help him get praises from the society for taking good care of his late brother’s wife and daughter. Malini asks what about revenge? Bhanu recalls Bhawana going against his wish to sell the Barsati and says to Malini that Bhawana can’t able to pay lawyer’s fee so they will sell the Barsati after that Bhawana will stay their worker for life and looks on.

Gaurav thanks Raghav for helping Aarav with his project bur Raghav is too deep in thought thinking about Vikas and Brij Mohan’s conversation and says this isn’t fair which confuses Gaurav. Raghav tells Gaurav that Brij Mohan wants to fight with the people who are already broke.

Gaurav warns Raghav saying in this matter it’s better if they remains silent and oblige Brij Mohan or else they will have to face the latter’s wrath. Raghav expresses his concern for the Shastri’s saying Gaurav even he doesn’t like Bhanu but there are other family members in that house right. Swati arrives there and tells Raghav that she agrees with him but the Shastri’s should stop being stubborn and sell the Barsati (upstairs room) to end this one and all. She further thinks herself that she knows who he is worry about. She then says that she thinks Raghav is worry about someone else.

Raghav and Gaurav looks at Swati. Raghav firmly says he isn’t worry about anyone in particular. He then tells Gaurav that now it’s not Bhanu but Bhawana who is going to be in opposite side and they all know the kind of man Deepak is also they know about Bhawana’s nature so he is worried about her. Swati thinks herself all she want Raghav to do is help Bhawana repeatedly and get into trouble which will make him leave the house. Other side Malini informs Bhanu he needs to take back his tempo from Afsal Khan. Bhanu says once the engagement is over he will throw the money at Afsal’s face and get back the tempo.

Vaibhav asks his staff to call one of their client to fix the meeting the next day. The latter reminds him about the hearing of Barsati case which is Bhanu Shastri’s. Vaibhav tells he is tired of defending it without getting paid so they won’t be part of the case anymore. Just then Bhawana arrives there with money and says here after she will pay the fees on time and asks to take the case. Vaibhav gets happy and agrees. Raghav wonders whether he should alert Bhawana about Brij Mohan’s intentions. He also worries if he does then he is going against the work place ethics.

Bhawana is about to pay the fee but receives a message from Raghav who requests her to not to waste her money on this case saying Brij Mohan is the one who will win this. Raghav hope’s that Bhawana sees the message and back away from the case. Meanwhile in Shastri’s house Bhanu is in discussion with the family members about Abhishek’s engagement arrangements. Abhishek informs Vidya that Bhawana went out when the latter searches for her. Bhanu says Bhawana must have went to pay Aanchal’s school trip fees. He then praises himself for doing so much for his late brother’s wife and daughter. Just then Aanchal and Aarushi arrives there. Bhanu talks to Aanchal nicely which surprises the latter.

Bhawana returns home and tells Bhanu she went to meet the lawyer. She further tells him that she used the money to pay lawyer’s fee shocking Bhanu and Malini. She recalls FB in which paying fee to the lawyer and gets determined to win the case. Bhawana assures Bhanu she will handle both the engagement work and hearing in court. Bhanu gets furious and scolds Bhawana for not caring about Aanchal’s happiness. Aanchal interrupts and says Bhawana asked her first then took this decision which surprises everyone.

Precap: Bhawana and Raghav is in the temple. Bhawana says today is a very important day of her life because the hearing is today and they may get the verdict and leaves. Raghav gets shocked. Later Bhawana gets worried not finding Vaibhav in the court and wonders who will be on her side to defend the case.

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