Dheere Dheere Se 20th December 2022 Written Update: Bhawana feels helpless by Poonam’s revelation

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The episode starts with Raghav tells himself he gets punished for a lot though he didn’t made any mistakes. Now he is going to move on from his life by forgetting also ending ties with her. Bhawana says to Deepak’s photo she doesn’t know how to move on after she lost the love of her life also it’s difficult to tolerate the taunts from other’s. Raghav then notices Bhawana in her balcony and waves at her. Bhawana also waves at him back. They both smiles. Swati gets upset recalling Brij Mohan’s words. She tells now that they reconciled their relationship Raghav will divorce his wife with the support of his family. She also says that now Raghav will also go to office.

She doesn’t want Raghav to snatch Gaurav’s position or hardwork he put all this years. Neither she want Raghav to marry another woman with the support of his family which may lead her to tolerate a sister in law nor she wants her Aarav to share his grandparents love with other’s. She further says to her self at any cost she will send Raghav back to where he comes from. Bhawana goes to her room and struggles with pain. Aanchal worries then helps her by massaging her back. Bhawana thanks her.

Aanchal asks her is she fine now and how is she now. Bhawana tells her that people often forget to ask such questions to the people. Other than this they asks so many questions. She further adds when they asks such questions it made that person feel they aren’t alone in this. She then asks Aanchal to go and study and the latter asks her to take rest. Bhawana takes her place in the bed but she wakes up and says that she forget to make arrangements in the kitchen to prepare kichdi for Bhanu and rushes out of the room. Aanchal gets upset.

Raghav irons the divorce paper and wonders how did Aarav get this papers. He then recalls his father’s words. He tells himself that he can’t afford starting the procedure once again as it may take more time so the first thing he is going to do the next day is to submit the divorce papers in the court. Aanchal complains to Bhawana for staying in such room. Bhawana assures her once they get the court verdict Poonam will have no chance but to leave their upstairs room and they will shift there. Aanchal mocks at Bhawana for still believing it will happen. The next day Bhawana is busy doing works whereas Malini and Vidya remains enjoying their morning coffee.

Bhanu checks something in his bag which lead him to drop all the content from his bag. Bhawana sees neither Malini nor Vidya isn’t moving so she rushes to return the fallen things from the floor to Bhanu. Poonam arrives there and greets the Shastri’s. She then tells them that Brij Mohan insulted Bhanu’s father the other day in temple. Bhanu’s father tells the family members it’s not a big matter like how Poonam is creating it. Bhanu stops him and asks Poonam to elaborate the incident. Poonam tells him about the insults Brij Mohan thrown at Bhanu’s father.

Bhanu gets furious and decides not to spare him. Abhishek arrives there and inquires Bhawana about her hand and the latter assures him she is fine. He then stops his father from going to Brij Mohan’s house for such little issues. Bhanu and Malini scolds him. Abhishek mocks at them then leaves the place. Poonam reveals Bhawana was also present when Brij Mohan insulted Bhanu’s father. Bhanu scolds Bhawana for not standing up for their family. Bhawana remains silent. Bhanu’s father tells Bhanu to concentrate on his new contract other than this. Bhanu leaves the house.

Bhanu asks his driver to get down from the drivers seat as he is going to drive the tempo. He then deliberately scratches Brij Mohan’s car then leaves the place. Bhawana who comes to give him water bottle gets shocked seeing it. She then sees Raghav also saw this and looks at him with worry filled face. Brij Mohan and Gaurav comes out and notices the scratch in the car.

Brij Mohan asks Bhawana to call her family members saying he is sure one of them must be behind this. Bhawana gets worried. Raghav comes there and lies to his father it someone who crossed here with their bike. Brij Mohan refuses to believe. Raghav signs at Bhawana so the latter also lies Bhanu left for work earlier itself. Brij Mohan tells once he returns from office he will check the CCTV camera which is put in their society to save themselves from becoming victim after things gets stolen.

Raghav and Bhawana gets shocked and worried. Raghav leaves with his father and brother. Bhawana worries what will happen. Other side Bhanu informs the marriage broker on the call to look for another alliance and the latter suggests him about a family which makes Bhanu happy so he asks the broker to arrange all the arrangements. Bhawana scolds herself for lying to Brij Mohan and worries what will happen after Brij Mohan finds out the truth. Raghav enters the office with Brij Mohan and Gaurav’s beside him.

Precap: Raghav sees Aanchal is trying to jump from the balcony so he rushes inside their house to rescue her. Bhawana gets shocked seeing Raghav in their house. Raghav tells her he is here to save the kid only. Bhawana gets shocked. She then worries about Bhanu’s reaction if he sees Raghav in their house. Bhanu arrives there. Raghav looks on.

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