Dheere Dheere Se 20th January 2023 Written Update: Bhawana feels guilty

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The episode starts with Bhanu asks Bhawana don’t she think she has to send Aanchal to an important school trip. Aanchal says to Bhanu that Bhawana done this after she agreed. Bhanu gets shocked. Aanchal recalls a FB shows that Aanchal expressing her happiness for getting the school trip money. She then asks whether she get money from Bhanu for lawyer’s fee. Bhawana lies yes.

Aanchal senses Bhawana is sad and lying so persuades her to tell her the truth. Bhawana asks Aanchal to not to worry she will do something to manage. Aanchal asks her that she already told her not to be silent and take a stand for them infront of Bhanu yet she failed to do it right. She further says to Bhawana to take her school trip fee and use it for lawyer’s fee because hearing is next day. Bhawana refuses saying it’s a very important school trip for Aanchal which can be useful for her studies.

Aanchal tells Bhawana that she is a top student in her class missing once science trip won’t affect her that much also she will find a way. She further reminds Bhawana about them joining hands together to fight for Barsati saying if they can leave their room then why can’t she sacrifice her school trip and gives the money to Bhawana. The FB ends. Bhawana smiles at Aanchal then says to Bhanu tomorrow is hearing and she is sure they will win the case and takes Aanchal and Aarushi with her inside. Everyone gets shocked and surprised. Bhanu looks furious. He thinks himself when the right time arrives he will teach Bhawana a lesson for insulting him this way for sure.

Later Vidya says to Amit that she don’t understand anything about Bhawana’s decision. How it will benefit them. Amit tells Vidya that everything is happening in a right way. He further explains her if Bhanu get an opportunity to sell Barsati he will sell it and use that money on Abhishek’s marriage but now that Bhawana is stopping him doing this by paying lawyer’s fee this time so when the next hearing date comes neither Bhawana will have money to pay lawyer’s fee nor Abhishek’s marriage in which Bhanu can spend money so eventually they can able to sell Barsati. By then Meera also becomes their daughter in law who is from rich family. So it will be easier for them to ask Bhanu their share of money after Barsati gets sold. Vidya gets happy hearing it. Meanwhile Aarushi shows Aanchal her dress and says her father bought this for her to wear it on Abhishek’s marriage.

Aanchal likes the dress and forwards her hand to touch it but Aarushi scolds her saying the former hand is a mess. She then asks Aanchal what dress she is going to wear for the engagement if she wants she can take her last birthday dress. Aanchal gets sad but forces a smile then says to Aarushi that she will manage. Aarushi turns around to leave but gets shocked seeing Bhawana there. She then asks Bhawana about her dress opinion then leaves.

Bhawana feels guilty that she isn’t paying attention to Aanchal because of the engagement and court hearing. Aanchal assures her nothing like that and says to Bhawana she will wear her birthday dress. Bhawana reminds her she is wearing that dress in almost every occasion. Aanchal says it doesn’t matter and asks Bhawana to not to feel bad. Bhawana looks on sad.

Brij Mohan is with Raghav and Gaurav. He expresses his happiness that his both son’s are going to court hearing the next day. He also wishes Raghav luck. Raghav smiles but lost in thought wondering why Bhawana didn’t replied to him yet and checks his phone. Brij Mohan questions Raghav for ignoring him but Gaurav backs him up saying he is the one who asked Raghav’s help in something which Raghav is busy searching in his phone. Brij Mohan laughs and calls out Savita saying their son’s aren’t changed yet. Savita arrives there and perform a ritual to keep an evil eye from Raghav and Gaurav. Brij Mohan jokes about it. Swati who watches this from far recalls whatever happened and says Raghav always find a way out cleverly from whatever she put him in. This time she has to do something that will not lead Raghav to escape.

Other side Bhawana goes to the store room where she finds her saree along with her photo with Deepak. She says to the photo that he used to say her hands are magical so she hope’s their daughter like her surprise. She then starts sewing the dress while Raghav in his bed wonders why Bhawana didn’t sent him a reply message yet. The next day morning Aanchal wakes up and gets happy seeing the dress made by Bhawana which the latter watches it from far and gets happy. Aanchal then gets upset that Bhawana must have not get any sleep. Bhawana assures her she is fine. She then advices Aanchal to take care of everything when she leaves for the court hearing. Aanchal obliges. Bhawana looks at her ahe Deepak’s photo and says to Deepak to request God to let the verdict be on their favor.

Precap: Meera’s mother questions the Shastri’s about Bhawana’s whereabouts. An angry Bhanu thinks himself that Bhawana has to pay for the insults he is facing now. In the court the judge scolds Bhawana when she says her lawyer is on the way. Gaurav asks the judge to give verdict on their favor as the case is taking place for a long time now. Bhawana looks on shocked.

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