Dheere Dheere Se 24th January 2023 Written Update: Meera gets upset with Bhawana

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The episode starts with Gaurav tells the judge that Vikas is ready to give the compensation so he asks judge to pass the verdict on his favor. Bhawana pleads with the judge to give her a one last chance as she can’t lose the case because of her lawyer’s mistake. Vikas says to Bhawana to accept the verdict whatever the judge passes. The judge gives a warning and asks him to speak when he asked to.

Vikas nods then sits silently. Gaurav says to the judge to give another hearing date. The judge agrees and tells Bhawana this is her last chance. Vikas gets upset. In the engagement venue Meera asks Abhishek what is happening here. It’s their engagement not some birthday party which comes every year and how can his aunt can do this with them. Abhishek tells Meera that he is sure Bhawana must be stuck somewhere that’s why she is late. Meera gets upset. In the court Raghav’s opponent hits Raghav’s file and says to him he made a huge mistake by going against him.

Raghav taunts the opponent and threatens to file a complaint against him if he misbehaves with him. His opponent leaves with his lawyer. Raghav then sees Gaurav scolding Vikas and asks him to leave. He then goes to Raghav and tells him whatever happened and praises Bhawana’s bravery. Raghav tells him indeed Bhawana is a brave woman then says that he is going to the office first so Gaurav leaves for home. Raghav hopes that Bhawana overcomes this problem of her’s too and prays to God for the same.

In the engagement venue Meera says to everyone that Bhawana told her Abhishek is like her own son and she don’t understand how can a mother do this to her son. Meera’s mother tells the Shastri’s that she don’t understand why Bhawana is taking this much time to reach the venue with the Shagun Ka Dhaga. Now they have only ten minutes left to conduct the engagement. Manohar says indeed they are running out of time and asks the Shastri’s to call Bhawana. Malini informs that Bhawana’s mobile is in off state.

Other side Bhawana gets upset that her phone went dead then tries to get auto rickshaw but fails. She then stops Raghav’s car and requests him to drop her near the house because she is getting late for Abhishek’s engagement. Raghav obliges. On their way Raghav asks Bhawana about the Barsati case hearing. Bhawana says nothing good happened and top of that his brother tried to convince the judge to pass the verdict on Vikas’s favor also talked about compensation but the judge accepted her request and postponed it to another date. Raghav recalls his advice to Gaurav then smiles. Bhawana says to Raghav that whoever instructed Gaurav is indeed a fool as that person doesn’t know the importance of the case.

Raghav gets surprised and hides his smile. He says that now that person must have learned. Bhawana says yes. She then requests Raghav to speed up the car. Raghav says it’s normal if she reaches the venue a little late. Bhawana says it’s not. For her, her family comes first and says she has to reach on time. Raghav drops her in the near by street. Bhawana thanks him then leaves. Raghav feels bad for Bhawana for the struggles she has to face one by one.

Bhawana reaches the engagement venue and gets shocked seeing both Abhishek and Meera exchanging rings also posing for photo’s. Abhishek sees Bhawana and says Maasi. Everyone gets shocked and looks at Bhawana. Bhawana apologises to everyone for coming late. Abhishek takes her in the stage and says it’s okay which angers Meera.

Meera’s mother asks Bhawana the reason behind her reaching the venue late. Bhanu worries that Bhawana may tell them about Barsati case hearing but Bhawana tells her that she was stuck in an important work which she can’t dodge. Meera’s mother complains how they have to conduct the engagement within five minutes that too not even performing the ritual. Abhishek takes a stand for Bhawana. He then suggests Meera they should take Bhawana’s blessings. Meera recalls her mother’s warning but takes Bhawana’s blessings. Bhawana congratulates the couple.

Later Jagjivan asks Manohar to cross check with their priest about the wedding date but Manohar says he checked that’s more that enough. Manohar’s wife tells the Shastri’s that she don’t want any repeat of whatever happened today on Meera’s wedding. Bhanu apologises to Manohar and family also assures nothing such won’t repeat. Manohar’s wife then asks whether they have readied Meera’s room. Bhawana recalls Bhanu’s words and says to Manohar’s wife within two days the room will be ready. Manohar and family leaves the venue. Bhawana tries to explain Bhanu the situation but Bhanu warns her saying that can speak about this in the house also shouts at her then leaves. The family members also follows him but Aanchal stays beside Bhawana. Bhawana looks on with worry filled eyes.

Precap: Bhanu brings back the tempo. Amit celebrates it by firing the crackers. The Srivastav’s watches this from their balcony. Raghav shares his worry about someone may get hurt. Just then Aarav gers hurt. Raghav slaps Amit shocking the Shastri’s. Bhawana shouts Raghav Ji. Raghav and Amit fights and the family members tries to separate them. Then Bhanu and Raghav raises their fist to punch the other person.

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