Dheere Dheere Se 3rd January 2023 Written Update: Bhanu insults Bhawana

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The episode starts with Bhanu asks Devraj how he knows that someone took his tempo away from him. Bhawana gets worried. Raghav instructs something in the ear of Devraj. Devraj tells Bhanu that this is a small village so he learnt about it. Bhanu buys his lies and asks Devraj when he will get the insurance money. Raghav signs at Devraj for five days which Devraj informs and says it’s a government bank. Bhanu says okay then disconnects the call. Devraj expresses his happiness for acting well. Raghav scolds him for the blunder he made but Devraj informs him that he fulfill it.

Raghav hugs him. Swati calls Devraj so the latter leaves the place. Bhanu informs the family members that the insurance money will take time to get credit which upsets Malini. Bhawana thinks for the first time she didn’t face Bhanu’s anger and it’s all happened because of Raghav only. Other side Swati sees everyone is in the dinner table. She thinks to execute her plan. She gives the clothes to Devraj asking him to press it when the latter decides to leave taking the clothes, Swati pretends to take one of the cloth from there and makes Bhawana’s purse fall to the ground. The purse content also falls down. Savita says it’s Bhawana’s photos. Brij Mohan questions about it. Swati acts and says it’s inside Raghav’s cloth. Raghav gets shocked. Brij Mohan angrily asks Raghav why he is keeping the purse of Bhawana with him.

Raghav lies he saw the purse on the road and thought it must be either Swati’s or Dimple’s so kept it with him and not even once opened the purse to see whose it is. Brij Mohan gets furious so he scolds Raghav. He then warns that they don’t have any relationship with the Shastri’s it’s better stay that way. He then asks Devraj to return the purse to the Shastri’s. Devraj obliges. Brij Mohan says today the Shastri’s lost their tempo and soon they will loose their house too and leaves. Swati thinks that Raghav is cleverer than she thinks and leaves the place. Savita gets upset seeing Raghav’s sad face.

Bhawana decides to have her dinner but before that Devraj arrives there with her purse in his hand. He calls out. Bhawana notices the purse so she goes to take it from him but Bhanu arrives there and gets angry seeing him at their doorstep. He approaches him angrily all the while taunting him. Devraj mocks at him and gives him the purse which Bhanu refuses to take it also threatens Devraj.

Devraj taunts about Bhanu’s inability to not to do anything with him then says that it’s Bhawana’s purse which Raghav find it in the road so he took it with him and asks to take it from him or else he will throw the purse away. Bhanu takes the purse in his hands and goes to Bhawana. He taunts her and says this is the reason why he is asking her to give the insurance money to him as she can’t even keep her purse safe then how she will keep the money safe. He further insults her then leaves the place.

Bhawana gets upset with Raghav thinking it’s him who returned the purse. Other side Savita goes to Brij Mohan. Brij Mohan tells her he knows she is here to defend her son. Savita tells him that Raghav may looks strong but he is broken from inside. She also asks Brij Mohan to not to be harsh with Raghav as he is going through a lot in his life and asks to not to stay mad at him because of the purse. Brij Mohan tells Savita that Raghav is his son too and he worries about him. Savita tells Brij Mohan about the cigarette packet she noticed and says that Raghav is too stressed that’s why he is smoking.

Brij Mohan tells Savita that he knows Raghav is too stressed but her defending about his smoking is not a right thing. Raghav in his balcony decides to smoke but stops himself when he sees Bhawana but the latter ignores him which confuses Raghav. Raghav then asks Bhawana she didn’t faced Bhanu’s wrath today right. Bhawana says yes but she faced Bhanu’s anger as he sent the purse to her house. Raghav gets shocked and realises Devraj must have created the scene deliberately. He decides to explain Bhawana but when he sees the balcony again he gets surprised finding Bhawana is not there.

Brij Mohan comes to the balcony. He tells Raghav that he knows why he is coming here often. Raghav gets shocked. Brij Mohan further says that he understands everything just like his mother. Raghav remains silent. Brij Mohan stares at the Shastri’s house and expresses his hatred for them also adds both the family not even goes to the other person’s house even one of them lose their family members. He then tells Raghav that he regrets the way he handled the matter with the purse and apologises to him. Bhawana who is hiding herself in the balcony overhears their conversation and gets upset with herself for getting mad at Raghav inspite of him helped her though. Brij Mohan then talks to Raghav about his smoking. He inquires how many cigarettes he smoke in a day.

Raghav tells its two to four. Brij Mohan advices Raghav to not to do it as it will affect his health then put one of the cigarette in his mouth. Raghav drops the cigarette box down along with the one Brij Mohan keeping it in his mouth. Raghav then makes a promise to not to smoke again. Both Raghav and Brij Mohan hugs and the latter asks him to go inside with him. Raghav agrees and follows him. But before he could leave he saw the balcony of Shastri’s and gets upset with Bhawana for not giving him a chance to explain himself and decides not to care about her at all meanwhile Bhawana scolds herself for her behavior towards Raghav as decides to care about him.

Precap: Bhawana feels dizzy and falls on the road. Aanchal who is with her gets worried and tries to get help from the ongoers. Raghav arrives there and takes Bhawana and Aanchal in his car to the hospital. He assures a crying Aanchal nothing will happen to Bhawana.

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