Dheere Dheere Se 7th January 2023 Written Update: Raghav advices Aanchal

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The episode starts with Aanchal goes to Bhawana and asks her to wake up. She further calls out for help then pleads God to send someone for help. Other side Raghav is on his way to pick up Aarav. In Srivastav’s house Savita is preparing halwa for Raghav. Dimple asks is this for Raghav and asks her why she looks sad. Savita tells her that she isn’t upset but happy because Raghav is in front of her eyes. She wants this always and happy that Bakashi give his case to Raghav so he have no other chance but to stay in Ujjain until the case comes to an end. Dimple jokes and says but one day Raghav will return to Indore right.

Savita says that she don’t want him to leave them all again and when that day comes God will do something that will make Raghav to stay with them forever and smiles. Other side Aanchal sees Raghav’s car and shows him Bhawana’s unconscious state. Raghav rushes to Bhawana and tries to wake her up. He then takes help from a ongoer to put Bhawana in his car. He then assures a crying Aanchal they are on their way to hospital and nothing will happen to her.

Later Aanchal inquires Raghav about Bhawana’s health. Raghav informs her that Bhawana is fine and now due to weakness she falls unconscious. He then asks Aanchal don’t Bhawana have food on time? Aanchal tells him about Bhawana’s fast and says she is supposed to reach her school on time may be that’s the reason she haven’t had fruits. Meanwhile Aarav tells the guard in the school his bade papa is coming to pick him up. The guard says his bade papa is already late. Aarav tells him his bade papa is a super hero so he must have helping someone who is in need that’s why he didn’t reached yet.

In the hospital Raghav asks Aancha whether Bhawana overwork herself always. Aanchal confirms the same and says that Bhawana does all the works and if she makes any mistakes then the family members will taunt and insult her. She also adds that this all happening after her father passed away also when he was alive she had never seen Bhawana doing all this works that too this much and sometimes she has a feeling she may lose hee mother too. Raghav gets sad and puts his hand on Aanchal and tells her nothing such won’t happen. He further jokes at Aanchal about her crying continuously. Other side Aarav defends Raghav to the guard when guard informs him that Raghav isn’t here yet. Raghav tells Aanchal that he has to leave.

Aanchal gets worried but Raghav encourages her to be strong like her mother who is also a super woman. She can manage everything on her own. He then says her that he is already late to pick up Aarav from school so he has to leave but says he will pay the hospital bill’s. Aanchal nods okay. Raghav asks the bill of Bhawana in the reception. Just then he receives a call from Swati who asks him about their whereabouts and asks to hurry up fast. Raghav leaves the hospital. Bhawana wakes up and gets confused seeing herself in the hospital. She then questions Aanchal why she admitted her in such an expensive hospital and how can they pay the bills.

Aanchal asks her not to worry and asks her to wait the goes out to the reception where the receptionist informs her Raghav left after he received a call without paying the bills and gives the bill to Aanchal and asks through which mode she is going to make payment. Aanchal becomes helpless. She decides to call the family members but disconnects the line after recalling Bhanu’s words and worries how to pay the bills. She also decides to become an independent woman so that she can able to overcome such situations on her own.

Raghav reaches the school but gets shocked when the guard informs him when he went inside and comes out Aarav isn’t there. Raghav gives his number to the guard and asks him to call if he sees Aarav then searches for Aarav everywhere. Meanwhile in the hospital Bhawana scolds Aanchal for taking her to such an expensive hospital. She then worries how to pay the bills.

Aanchal informs Bhawana it’s Raghav who helped them also tells he will pay the bills but he left without making it because he is supposed to pick up Aarav from school. Bhawana tells that they should pay their own bills. Aanchal informs they have to vacate the room immediately or else the bill will increase. Other side Raghav gets relieved seeing Aarav in the market. Aarav assures him that he is fine so asks not to worry which brings a smile on Raghav’s face. Bhawana decides to use her bangle to pay the bills just then a nurse arrives there and tells the bill is paid which shocks and surprises both Bhawana and Aanchal.

Raghav arrives there and tells he went to pick up Aarav who is in the car and asks them both to tag with them and he will drop them. Bhawana thanks him and tells don’t know how she is going to repay the amount. Raghav tells her he liked her style of her apology in that way he can thank her it’s more than enough and adds she don’t have to return the money. Bhawana tells she will return it at any cost. Raghav agrees. Bhawana then gets worried not finding her phone. Aanchal informs Raghav it’s Deepak’s last memory Bhawana has. Raghav gets sad and looks on.

Precap: Bhanu’s brother tells Vikas they are ready to give him the upstairs house but Vikas says Bhawana’s opinion matters too and asks her opinion. Bhawana tells that she don’t agree with Bhanu’s decision which shocks everyone.

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