Dheere Dheere Se 9th January 2023 Written Update: Swati pry information from Aarav about Raghav

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The episode starts with Bhawana asks Aanchal to search for the phone because there must be so many photos of Deepak’s. Raghav asks her to be calm and he will help her find her mobile. He then says it must have been fallen when she fall unconscious on the road. Bhawana asks Aanchal to accompany her so that they can go and search for her phone. Raghav says to Bhawana that he will go and search for the phone and he will inform her after he gets it.

Bhawana asks him how he will inform her though. Raghav asks her to leave that to him as he will find a way. He also tells her that she is so weak so in this situation if she goes out to search for her phone it won’t do any good to her so asks to have faith in him. Aanchal also agrees with Raghav and asks Bhawana to go home. Raghav asks Bhawana’s number and Aanchal gives it to him. Raghav advices Bhawana to have food and break her fast as she has suffered a lot already and God is watching everything who will definitely help her get her insurance money. He also pleads with Bhawana to atleast have fruits and instructs Aanchal to take care of Bhawana and the latter obliges.

Raghav comes to his Aarav who is waiting in the car. He tells him he have one more work left to do so which will hardly take five minutes so asks Aarav to be with him after that he will take him home. Aarav agrees. Other side Bhawana and Aanchal reaches home. Bhawana informs Aanchal that they shouldn’t let Bhanu know that she is hospitalized because he then wants her to break the fast. Aanchal tells even Raghav asks her to do the same then why she is being stubborn. Bhawana tells she won’t break her fast until her wish gets fulfilled. Vidya stops them both and asks Bhawana where her phone is.

Aanchal and Bhawana gets nervous. Meanwhile Raghav reaches where Bhawana fall unconscious. Aarav asks him is he here to pee. Raghav says that’s a bad manner to do and tells him he is here to help someone and asks to wait in the car then goes to search for the one. Vidya tells Bhawana that she is calling her continously but she isn’t answering her calls. Aanchal asks Vidya is she have any important work to. Vidya mocks at her and enquires Bhawana whether she bought her face pack or not. Bhawana gives it to her and Vidya leaves the place.

Aanchal praises herself for doing good work with pomegranate which she is taking for her mother. She then wonders why one pomegranate itself is so costly yet it’s not even a bowl. Bhanu arrives there and signs at her asking what’s in her hand. Aanchal tells it’s pomegranate which is for Bhawana. Bhanu stares at her questioningly. Aanchal lies to him that it’s for God as Bhawana is keeping a fast to get the insurance money soon so that she can give it to him. Bhanu gets happy with it and leaves. Aanchal thinks herself it’s necessary to lie or else he would have snatched the fruit.

Other side Raghav pleads with one of the worker to let him know if he finds a phone and the latter obliges. He then recalls Aanchal’s words and thinks himself this isn’t just a phone but a person’s reason to exit in this world so pleads with God to help him find the phone. Aarav comes out of the car and complains he is getting bored. Raghav pleads with Aarav to wait for few more minutes. In Shastri’s house Bhawana worries about Raghav also whether he find out her phone or not. Aanchal asks Bhawana to have the fruit in her hand. Bhawana asks Aanchal to check up whether Raghav arrived or not. Aanchal agrees to do it also promises that no one will know about this then leaves.

Raghav gets happy finding the phone but before he could take it in his hand Aarav calls him and shows him another vehicle in which Brij Mohan is inside. Brij Mohan questions Raghav and Aarav answers that Raghav is searching something. Raghav lies to Brij Mohan as he wants to make an important call so he is searching for network and he get it now. Aarav suggests to go to home with Brij Mohan which both Raghav and Brij Mohan agrees. After Brij Mohan and Aarav leaves Raghav takes the phone in his hand and gets upset seeing its screen was damaged.

In Srivastav’s house Swati pry information from him about Raghav. She asks him where they went and why it took this much time for him to reach home. Aarav tells her that Raghav wants to make an important call so he came home with Brij Mohan. He further informs her he got bored waiting for Raghav in his school first then hospital then in the middle of road. Swati asks him who is in the hospital. Aarav says he waited outside so he doesn’t know. He then leaves. Swati gets determined to find for what reason Raghav went to hospital. In Shastri’s house Abhishek tells the family members because of Bhanu’s decision to not to speak he is missing his way of using pure Hindi words. Vidya agrees with him and praises Bhanu. Malini proudly states that Bhanu done masters in Hindi. Bhanu smiles.

Jagjivan tells the family members the story of how Bhanu isn’t that great in studies so he joined him in a tuition after that only this improvement happened. Everyone smiles. Just then Khan arrives there and asks Bhanu to tells him within how many days he will return his money. Bhanu recalls his conversation earlier and signs at him in a week. Khan informs him if he fails to return then he will sell his vehicle which upsets the entire family. Bhawana prays God to let her get the insurance money because now it’s not only about the vehicle but about Jagjivan’s self respect which is at stake and looks on.

Precap: Bhanu and his brother calls Vikas and informs him they are willing to give him the upstairs room but Vikas asks Bhawana’s opinion. Bhawana refuses to agree with Bhanu’s decision and tells Vikas she won’t give him the upstairs room which shocks the Shastri’s.

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