Dhruv Tara 10th June 2024 Written Update: Mahaveer wins the fight.

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The episode starts with Tara gets ready for the fight. Dhruv tells Tara that Mahaveer is unaware that Shaurya is there son and this will end the hatred against Devgarh. Tara tells Dhruv that Mahaveer will be happy but he will kill each and  everyone to conquer Devgarh. Tara tells Dhruv that she don’t want Mahaveer to harm the people of Devgarh. Dhruv tells Tara that he is also thankful to Surya and he also don’t want Mahaveer to harm the people of Devgarh. Tara tells Dhruv that it’s a very tuff situation for her and she wants him to support her. Dhruv tells Tara to defeat his brother in the fight and take Devgarh. Dhruv tells Tara that he hopes that she will win. Dhruv wishes Tara all the best.

Mahaveer and Tara are face to face ready to fight. Mahaveer still thinks that he is fighting with his win sister. Dhruv gives the tilak to Mahaveer and Tara. Bhavosa,Maan and Meenakshi also witness the fight. Dhruv ask Mahaveer about the rules and regulations. Tara tells Dhruv if she defeat Mahaveer then he will withdraw his decision to conquer Devgarh and will be punished by Bhavosa. Mahaveer accept the conditions. Mahaveer tells Tara that if he wins then she should do the Raj tilak and stands beside her as a sister. Dhruv tells Mahaveer and Tara that they will have to fight with blind folds in their eyes and they will listen the ghungroo sounds. Tara remember that she is perfect in this fight and her chances to win is confirmed. Mahaveer tells Dhruv that he is ready to fight. Tara ask Mahaveer to give her blessings but he denies to give the blessings. Tara tells a shloke in Sanskrit to Mahaveer I’m which a student needs the blessings of the teacher. Mahaveer gives the blessings. Bhavosa blow sankh to proceed the fight. The fight starts and Mahaveer listen the sound to fight. Tara attacks Mahaveer smartly but Mahaveer succeed to defend himself. Maan thinks that Tara will win while Mahaveer thinks that he will have to win the fight. Mahaveer tells Tara to surrender and accept the defeat but Tara will not accept defeat. Mahaveer rings the ghungroo to divert Tara but Dhruv tells helps Tara to concentrate on Mahaveer’s heart beat. Tara tries to concentrate through hearing the breathing sound of Mahaveer. Maan thinks to do something which will help Mahaveer to defeat Tara.

Two men enters Shaurya’s room to attack him. Shaurya cries Tara for help and Tara stops fighting. Mahaveer continue to attack Tara and then Tara remember her brother saying that we should not stop during the battle field otherwise we will loss. Shaurya tries to defend himand attack the man but he drags Shaurya with him. Dhurv decides to help Shaurya so he rushes to save Shaurya and Tara continue to fight. Tara fight with great courage and tries to attack Surya but Mahaveer takes control on Tara. Dhruv saves Shaurya and Shaurya explain a man come and hang him outside the window. Shaurya tells Dhruv that he is that guy who kill his father. Dhruv tries to take the name of the killer but he stops. Tara gets defeated by Mahaveer through Maan’s help. Mahaveer announce that Tara will do Raj tilak and sits beside him otherwise Devgarh’s royal family will get death penalty.

Precap-Mahaveer tells Tara to offer garland to Douglas but Tara refuses to offer him the garland and tells Mahaveer that he is Devgarh’s biggest enemy. Mahaveer force Tara to offer garland to Douglas.

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