Dhruv Tara 13th November 2023 Written Update: Antara becomes helpless

Dhruv Tara 13th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Antara wakes up from a dream and sees Dhruv infront of her . Antara hides her face with her pallu. Surya introduces Dhruv to Antara and tells her to thanks Dhruv. Surya sees that Antara thanks Dhruv without saying anything. Surya apologies Dhruv that Shaurya’s mother didn’t say anything. Shaurya thanks Dhruv in the behalf of her mother. Antara runs to Kanhaji and she cries infront of Kanhaji. Antara tell Kanhaji that she is unable to do anything when her Dhruv was standing infront of her. Dhruv leaves Rajmahal and went to search Tara. Antara tells Kanhaji that she is helpless that she can’t meet Dhruv. Antara tells Kanhaji that thier love story will remain incomplete and they will be not able to meet.

Dhruv gets attack by a bow and he fell down. Bheera attacks Dhruv to take the revenge and he puts a poison on the bow. Bheera tells that there is no doctors here to save him. Antara prays Kanhaji to protect Dhruv. Antara sees Meenakshi reads a book and tries to hide her pain . Meenakshi asks Antara to explain Meera’s story. Antara explains Meera’s story to Meenakshi.

Bhavosa tells Maharaj to give the auspicious time of marriage of Antara and Surya. Maharaj tells the auspicious time is impossible. Antara sees that Shaurya is making another craft and she asks Shaurya to leave the painting. Shaurya tells Antara that he wants to finish the painting because he has seen in his dream. The painting flew away from Shaurya’s hand and Antara tells Shaurya that she will be back with the painting. Antara sees that Dhruv is unconscious. Bhavosa tells Surya that how can be this possible that they are unable to get auspicious time.

 Bhavosa and Surya sees that Dhruv is unconscious and Bhavosa scolds Antara for touching the Dhruv. Surya pick up Dhruv and take to the Rajbid but the rajbaid is not available in the Rajmahal.The junior baid unable to find the symptoms of what happen to Dhruv. Antara tells Surya that Dhruv has been poisoned and tells him to save Dhruv immediately. Bheera asks Antara how it can be possible that Dhruv has been poisoned. Antara tells that Dhruv has to be treated immediately. The junior baid tells that they has no treatment of this poison right now but Antara tells that she knows how to do the treatment. Bhavosa scolds Antara for touching the Dhruv.

Precap-Surya Pratap defends Antara and allow her to do the treatment.

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