Dhruv Tara 14th November 2023 Written Update: Bhavosa allows Antara to do the treatment on one condition.

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The episode starts with Bhavosa asks Antara that she knows how to the treatment. Antara answer Bhavosa that she knows how to to the treatment of such poison cases.  Surya Pratap tells Bhavosa that her father was vaid and from him she learns to do the medication.Antara tells Surya that if treatment not done within 3 hours then he will lost his life and it’s already 1 hour lost . Bhavosa tells Surya that she might know medication but it doesn’t mean she will touch a stranger.


Bheera tells Surya that it’s not suitable for our women to see any stranger. Bhavosa agrees with Bheera and tells Surya that she will send a group of soldiers to find Rajvaid but she will not allow Antara to do. Bheera takes the advantage of Bhavosa’s anger. Bhavosa tells Surya that of she touch a stranger then she will be no longer a queen,she will be considered a bad women.Surya tools his sword and tells Bhavosa that Antara is respect will remain same and if any points her then he will cut his head with his sword. Surya allows Antara to do the treatment of Dhruv.

Bhavosa tells Antara that Surya might give you the permission to treat him but if she do then she will disrespect her. Antara request Bhavosa that today Shaurya is alive due to him and it’s my duty to save him. Antara tells Bhavosa that she needs her blessings and permission of Surya. Bhavosa tells Antara that she can treat him in one condition. Antara tells Bhavosa that she is ready to accept the condition. Bhavosa tells Antara to do edged of 100 sword. Surya tells Bhavosa that she is wants to waste Antara time and by doing this Dhruv will lose his life. Bhavosa tells Surya that this is my condition and Antara accepted the condition. Bhavosa tells Antara that if she wants her blessings then she have to edged 100 swords otherwise she will feel disrespect.

 Antara tells Bhavosa that she is ready to do edged of 100 swords. Antara gives a liquid to vaid and tells him to give him slowly. Antara tells Surya that the medicine needed to save him will get in Lohapur. Antara tells Surya that we have only 1 hour left . Surya left to bring the medicine from Lohapur. Surya tells Antara that she should not promise Bhavosa and tells her how can be possible to edged 100 swords. Bheera tells Bhavosa that his royal family reputation will be runied if Bhavosa fulfils the task and touches a stranger. Antara starts edgeing the sword and she face difficulties to edged single sword. Antara finds a quick solution to edged 100 swords together. Shaurya tells Dhruv that he is a magician and asks him to wake up. Shaurya tells Vaidhji that he wants to give the medicine from his hand because he has save his life. Meenakshi prays to Durga to save Dhruv’s life.

Surya is on the way to search for medicine and Antara keeps edegind the swords. Shaurya gives the liquid to Dhruv. Antara completes the task and Bhavosa is surprise to sees that Antara completed the task on time. Antara tells Bhavosa that she needs her blessings to do one more task to complete on time. Bhavosa gives the blessings. Surya Pratap is back will the medicine. Antara starts making the medicine. Surya tells Shaurya to wait outside. Shaurya tells Surya that maa will make him fine by giving the medicine. Antara gives the medicine and Dhruv start gaining conscious. Dhruv holds Antara’s hand.

Precap-Dhruv thanks Antara for saving his life. Surya Pratap asks the description of his wife.

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