Dhruv Tara 15th November 2023 Written Update: Antara successfully saved Dhruv’s life.

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The episode starts with Dhruv babbling in his sleep please don’t go. Surya tells Antara that Dhruv thinks that you are his wife in unconscious mind . Surya tells Antara that she has successfully save Dhruv and now he out of danger. Surya tells Antara that he loves his wife alot and still missing her wife in this situation. Antara remembers that Kanhaji gave her a mangalsutra they will protect their love story. Bheera tells Bhavosa that Antara has touch that guy and did his treatment. Bheera tells Bhavosa that Antara has disrespect her and it will remain in the history of their kingdom .


Bheera tells Bhavosa that Antara has shown her attitude. Bheera tells Bhavosa that it’s very sad to say that his brother Surya also taken her side. Bheera tells Bhavosa that a day will come when all the ordinary men will come for the treatment and Antara will touch. Bhavosa scolds Bheera to using bad words for Antara. Bheera tells Bhavosa that one day Antara will make you dance in her fingers. Bhavosa tells Bheera that she wil never forgive Antara and he will watch for this. Shaurya asks Antara about Dhruv and tells that he is worried for Dhruv. Antara tells Shaurya that she has given the medicine and he is out of danger. Antara asks Shaurya that why he use to call Dhruv a magician.

Shaurya tells Antara that his kites was vanished by Dhruv and only Dhruv bring back the kite to him. Antara thinks that the kites time travel to Dhruv in 21st Century. Antara tells Shaurya not tells anyone about Dhruv to anyone. Antara tells Kanhaji that it’ was only you who send her dupatta to Dhruv in 21st Century and today it is only you who send Shaurya’s kite to Dhruv and gives him a hint to come in 17th Century  as a father of Shaurya.

Antara tells Kanhaji that she is confused and how will she manage to say Shaurya that Dhruv is his real father. Antara asks Kanhaji that who is bigger the one gives birth or the one who saves life. Antara tells Kanhaji that she never wants to hurt Surya’s reputation infront of his family. Antara tells Kanhaji to help her in this difficult situation.

Dhruv gains conscious and he asks Surya that where he is now. Surya tells that he is in his rajchikitsalye and he know what happen to him. Surya tells Dhruv that he was poisoned and there was no treatment here for him but Shaurya’s mother did the treatment and save his life. Dhruv is surprise to hear that Shaurya’s mother is a doctor and tells Surya that every should allow do what see wants to become in her life. Surya tells Dhruv to have the lunch with him . Dhruv tells Surya that he wants to meet Shaurya’s mother who save his life. Surya allows Dhruv to meet. Antara is crying infront of Kanhaji and Antara learns from servant that Dhruv has gain conscious and he wants to meet her.

Dhruv thanks Antara for saving his life. Dhruv tells Antara that the way she saved his life he remembers of his wife who use to save other life from danger. Dhruv tells Antara that he wants to live alive because he wants to meet his wife and he can’t live without her. Dhruv tells Surya that it’s already 6 years and he wants to find his wife . Surya tells Dhruv that how will he manage to search his wife in this condition and where will he go to search her. Dhruv tells Surya that he can do anything to search his wife and even he can do time travel to search his wife. Surya tells Dhruv that he will along with his soldier to search his wife. Surya asks Dhruv about his wife description and where does she stay. Antarvis worried because if Dhruv tells Surya that she stays in Vallavgarh then Surya will confirmed then she is his wife.

Precap-Dhruv gets to know that Tara is dead.

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