Dhruv Tara 1st February 2024 Written Update: Dhruv gives an offer to Baba.

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The episode starts with Bijli wakes up Dhruv. Dhruv tells Bijli again that she is Tara. Bijli tells Dhruv that she is not Tara. Dhruv ask Bijli that how he came here. Bijli tells Dhruv that the destiny brings him here and that’s why she saves him. Bijli tells Dhruv that her father was sending him to Kabul and she apologies on behalf of her father. Dhruv learns from Bijli that she have brother whose name is Mahaveer. Dhruv tells Bijli that Mahaveer is still alive. Bijli gets shock and ask that when her brother die. Dhruv tells the Vallavgarh’s indecent. Bijli cleaify Dhruv that Mahaveer is her younger brother and he is still alive. Dhruv gets confirmed that Tara has lost her memory falling from the cliff. Bijli tells Dhruv that why he drinks. Dhruv remembers that he used to say this words to Tara. Bijli tells Dhruv to on his way. Dhruv thinks that Tara has lost the memory and the symptoms are confirmed. Bijli feels insecure from Dhruv and walks away. Dhruv tells Tara that he loves her and repeatedly says these words. Dhruv holds Bijli and tries to memorize her. Bijli gets a headache and Dhruv continue the efforts to bring her memory. Bijli gets unconscious and Dhruv decides to take Tara with him to Devgarh.


Baba tells Mahaveer to packed everything because they want to leave Delhi immediately. Baba is scared that someone from Bijli’s past has arise to take her back. Baba rudely ask that where is Bijli. Dhruv tells Baba that Bijli is with him. Mahaveer asks Dhruv that what happens to his sister. Dhruv tells Mahaveer that his sister is unconscious and she will gain consious back soon. Dhruv thinks that is he doing the right thing to take Tara back to Devgarh. Dhruv asks Mahaveer that did Bijli gets a headache regularly and she faints. Mahaveer tells Dhruv that his sister has the symptoms. Dhruv is scared that Tara can lost her life.

Bhavosa tells Surya that he will not take such risk in his life. Bheera tells Bhavosa that no-one will touch his brother. Bhavosa tells Bheera that’s she is proud of him. Bheera tells Bhavosa that he can’t see his brother in this condition after Tara’s death and he decided to stay with Surya all the time. Bheera tells Bhavosa that he got the chance to prove his loyalty towards his brother and mother. Bhavosa tells Surya that Kapali should die for attacking them. Surya asks Bheera did that man say anything about Kapali. Bheera tells Surya that man has tell that some men are coming for the meeting in Beerpur jungle.

Baba thinks that why Dhruv ask him to talk in private. Dhruv apologies Baba and tells him that Bijli is not his daughter. Dhruv offers gold mudra to Baba and ask him to do a work for him.

Surya comes to see Shaurya and he is sleeping holds his mother’s ordhni. Surya thinks that Shaurya is holding this ordhni. Bheera tells Surya that the arrangements are done to attack Kapali. A soldier informs Surya that Kapali has attack another village. Surya tells Bheera that Kapali is still in the jungle and he is trying to divert us. Surya tells Bheera to secure Pooranpua and he will attack Kapali in Beerpur because he has tries to harm his Shaurya.

Bijli gets consious. Mahaveer tells Bijli that she have a headache and faints. Baba tells Bijli that Dhruv has saved her. Bijli tells Baba that wants to thanks Dhruv before she leaves to Delhi. Baba tells Bijli that he has cancelled the Delhi show and now he needs no more mudra from her because he have won a lottery. Baba shows gold mudra to Bijli and she gets excited to see the gold mudra. Baba explain Bijli that she got an offer to perform in Devgarh and for that they have been rewarded.Baba wants the guarantee from Dhruv that he is taking Bijli to Devgarh. Dhruv show the Devgarh symbol ring to Baba to trust him. Baba tells Dhruv that he will convince his daughter. Bijli refuses to go Devgarh with Dhruv and she feels curious. Dhruv thanks Kanhaji from returning his Tara.

Precap-The Kapali’s attack Dhruv and Bijli.

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