Dhruv Tara 1st June 2024 Written Update: Tara fights with Mahaveer

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The episode starts with Dhruv tells  Tara that they will have to do something. Tara takes the flag of Vallavgarh and burn it. Mahaveer learns that soon his flag will in the Devgarh. Tara tells everyone that she will not allow anyone to take the control of Devgarh. Douglas tells Mahaveer that Devgarh has not accepted him. Tara tells everyone that she will take the revenge from the enemy and she promises everyone that she will say the final good bye to Surya with full respect. Tara tells everyone that everyone will have to fight and take the revenge of Surya. Tara tells everyone to get ready. Bhavosa takes Shaurya to the throne and she gives the head of Surya to the soldiers. Bhavosa makes Shaurya to sit in the throne because now his a king. Shaurya gives the promise that he will not leave the throne. Everyone joins the battle to free Devgarh from the enemy.

Douglas tells Mahaveer that Surya’s wife has not accepted his proposal because she is an arrogant lady. Mahaveer tells Douglas to take rest while he is going to attack Devgarh. Mahaveer order his soldiers to burn the dead body of Surya and this will be the punishment of Devgarh.

Tara tells Dhruv that she wants the dead body of Surya. Tara tells Dhruv to bring the body and they should the loyalty to Devgarh. Dhruv tells Tara that he will definitely bring the dead body of Surya Pratap. Tara gives hope to all the women of Devgarh. Tara tells the women to promise to take the revenge and will not surrender. Bhavosa tells everyone that they will not surrender. A servant informs Tara that the enemy has attack Devgarh fort. The women gets worried. Tara tells everyone to stay calm. Mahaveer enters the Mahal while Tara gets ready to face the enemy.. Meenakshi tells Tara that soon the enemy will take the control. Mahaveer tells his soldiers to take the control on the Mahal.

Dhruv comes to take the body but stop by a soldier of Mahaveer.

The enemy gets closer to get the control. Everyone ask Tara that what they will do. Tara tells everyone to take the sword and fight for the dignity. Everyone tells Tara that they don’t know how to hold the sword. Bhavosa feels guilty that she has never allow woman to hold the sword. Tara tells everyone that they will protect their self because her brother belief that a woman should learn self defence. Mahaveer taught Tara how to fight in the battle field with weapon. Tara tells every woman they can use anything to fight in the battle field. Shaurya tells Tara that he will also fight in the battle. Bhavosa tells Shaurya to go in his room.

Dhruv fighs with the enemy and the other soldiers attacks Dhruv. Mahaveer comes in the Mahal to take the control while Tara promise that she will not allow anyone to take the control.

Precap- Tara fighs bravely with Mahaveer. Dhruv comes and save Tara. Mahaveer recognise Dhruv. Tara show her face to Mahaveer.

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